Live Above Normality

Live Above Normality

Would you give up buying a house, if it meant traveling the world to live in different places?

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What does this normal life mean, anyway? Should living a normal life be expected? Why do we have to conform to the patterns and to the ways the people around us are living their life? Does this mean we have to earn our way to be socially accepted? Why should we continue to please the ones that have believed in us all this time? Shouldn't they proud of us no matter what? Shouldn't they want us to be happy? Why do we have to live up to a standard that has been held against us since we were a young child? Is it by choice that we choose to live the normal and expected lifestyle that we've heard about all of these years growing up?

Should this be accepted, and does this sound completely normal to you?

We shouldn't have to live our life the same way as everybody else, and it shouldn't be expected.

There is nothing normal about it.

I think for some, to live like this, means to settle.

Would you rather live your life on the edge, or live your life comfortably?

I understand. I get it. From a very young age, we as human beings are taught to constantly be thinking about what we want to do for the rest of our life as if it's a life or death decision to become a teacher or an astronaut. We are taught to dream big, which is a good way to think, but it can totally be taken in the wrong context. We are then taught to graduate high school with a great grade point average and to get in a good university. Why do we let the whole college thing define who we are as an individual? College is not our identity. We are taught to graduate from that University with a degree, and to then suddenly find someone to get married to. A stranger maybe? If we don't, people automatically think there is something wrong with us. Since when did being single become some sort of disease? When we do get married, we are expected to settle down and buy a house, a mansion sounds nice. And have children. For some, living the American dream with that white picket fence too. Living a normal life includes getting a good-paying job, and providing for your family. Even if you never spend time with them because you are working too much. It means getting involved in your community and or local church and putting your children in a safe school. It means attending soccer games, and going to parent-teacher conferences. It means staying busy. and the list goes on.

This sounds completely and utterly boring to me, what do you think?

How does living above normality sound?

What if you could live a life that was completely and utterly more amazing than you could ever dream of? Instead of settling, you could live life as an adventure, with no expectations. Trusting only in the big man upstairs to guide your path and to provide every opportunity that gets thrown your way. Would you give up buying a house, if it meant traveling the world to live in different places? How about instead of finishing college, you chase after a dream you've had a passion for your entire life, and now is the perfect time. Would you dare to be different? Would you let that decision define who you are, and would you be able to brush off the opinions of others even if it meant not finishing school? What if you chased after the dreams and desires that have been placed in your heart, even if it means becoming abnormal instead of normal? Would you live your life differently if you had the opportunity to, or would you choose to settle for the comfortable because that is all you've ever known?

If living a normal life is the path you want to go down, then fine--there is nothing wrong with that. If you want to live above normality and to live your life to the very fullest-- go after everything that is in store for you even if it means taking the risk to live an abnormal lifestyle. Be different. Don't let other people's opinions hold you back. Do not conform to the ways of the world and to society. We were not put on this earth to blend in. We were simply put on earth to make a difference and to fulfill our destiny. So, go after it, whatever that may look like.

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