An Open Letter To My Little Sister

I remember being so excited when I found out that I would not only be a big sister, but that I would have a little sister. The moment you were born, I was obsessed.

Nobody could ever prepare me for what comes with having a little sister, but for you, I would do anything. Even if that means teaching your curious mind about untouched subjects, teaching you how to do your makeup and paint your nails, and spending hours of my week to drive you to practice. I had no idea what being a big sister meant and how one tiny person could affect my life so immensely.

Watching you grow up has been one of the most entertaining, yet rewarding things I have witnessed. From the moment you were born, mom and dad knew they had a wild one on their hands, and to this day you proved their judgements right.

I have always admired you for being the complete opposite of me, yet so similar to me at the same time. You have taught me in so many ways to care a little less and relax a little more. There are so many things that I admire about you. The way you love others, your strength, kindness and determination, your sass, and even your attitude (sometimes). You have the confidence that I wish I had, especially at your age.

I know it is annoying to be known as "so-and-so's little sister," but just know that you are your own person; a beautiful one at that.

Sometimes it seems as if we are not on good terms, but just know that there is no other person that compares to the relationship that I have with you. I look forward to giving you big hugs after not seeing you for awhile or even when you get home from school, having dance parties, laughing until we cry, annoying mom and dad, and just being with you.

I want nothing more in this world but to see you happy. I try my best to be a good role model and not let you make the same mistakes that I did. Sometimes I worry if I am leading a good example, but please know that I just want you to be proud of me.

You have taught me what it means to love someone more than you could ever love yourself. Being your big sister has given me so much happiness and has filled my heart with so much love. Thank you for lighting up my life.

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