In a world where bad things happen every day, we learn way too easily that life is simply too short. We see freak accidents resulting in death, such as random car accidents or someone falling. We see people we love get fatal diseases. We see those who we went to high school with go too soon. We see shootings, wars, hunger and much more that results to fatalities.We see that death has no age requirement. We learn that life is too short and too fragile to not live it to the fullest. Here are 6 things that life is too short for...

1. Regrets

As human beings, we make mistakes on a daily basis. So it is hard to not have regrets, but life is too short for them. Regrets hold you back, and living in the past is hard on anyone and doesn't change anything. Don't have regrets. Instead, live with the mistake you made and learn from it. Turn mistakes into life lessons instead of regrets.

2. Settling

Life is fragile and precious. Don't spend it settling on something that makes you content from time to time. Go for something that makes you content all the time. Something that makes your heart beat faster and you soul soar. Reach for the stars and follow your heart. It isn't until you get out of your comfort zone that you find yourself. Follow what you want to do and what makes your passions flow no matter what that may be.

3. Not saying something to someone you care about

You never know when you are going to lose someone you care about. Tell them how much they mean to you or made an impact in your life. Whoever that may be. Family, best friend, coworker, significant other. Tell them what they mean to you. Tell them how you feel. You want to let them know you love them before you don't have the chance to anymore.

4. Being unhappy

Don't be unhappy. It is again harder said than done, but find out what makes you the happiest and do it. Whether that is beginning a new hobby or traveling the world. There's a whole world out there that is yours if you let it be. Surround yourself with happiness and you will not be disappointed. You are worth happiness. Do something that makes your heart happy.

5. Not offering forgiveness

From time to time, the person we trusted the most might kick us in the back. They might break your heart or disappoint you when you needed them the most. Someone you never knew may be a part of something in your life that shattered you. But life is too short to not forgive. Hating and not forgiving is a lot harder on us than we think. It stresses our bodies and takes away our energy. Don't give that person or experience the satisfaction of tearing you down. We must let go because the only thing we can do is move forward with our lives. Take control of your life and keep moving forward instead of backwards.

6. Hatred

Hating something or someone is exhausting. It is hurtful. And sometimes we do it without knowing someone completely or we jump to conclusions regarding a situation that we might not understand. It is so much easier to love and have an open mind. Spreading love creates a chain reaction. Life is too short to hate because you never know what will happen from that hatred. Love, love, love.

Life is crazy and sometimes comes crashing to an end without warning. Life is too short to live your life in regrets, be unhappy with your life, hating someone or something, being unforgiving, to keep your feelings to yourself, and to stay inside your comfort zone. Letting go of the negative the best you can, can open your heart and mind to what you are missing in life. Fill your heart and feed your passions. Live a life that you love because you never know when it will end. Love those around you and let them know how much they mean to you. Life is too short to not live today like it might be your last.