Life Tips From Bob Ross
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Life Tips From Bob Ross

He is like a gentler version of Shia LaBeouf.

Life Tips From Bob Ross

Bob Ross was a very inspirational person known for his instructional painting videos, aired on PBS, and his optimistic view on life. He expressed this optimism through his teaching and his works of art. By watching his videos, not only are people learning to paint happy little trees and clouds, but they are learning how to view life from a happier perspective.

Watching his videos puts me and most other people in a really chill state. His soothing voice and the soft brushing sound of the paintbrushes and other tools is so calming and comforting. Whether you want to fall asleep (not of boredom) or just wind down, his videos are great for that! They are also good tutorials, and his way of teaching is so admirable. He is always encouraging and never degrading, and views mistakes as learning opportunities and talent as a pursued interest. Below are ways Bob Ross has impacted many people's views on life.

But first! A fun fact!

Before he was a painter, he served in the military. In fact, he was in a position that required him to keep people in line and yell a lot, which I found surprising due to how drastically different this is from his demeanor on the show. And no, this cute picture of him is not the main reason why I included this fun fact...

Every mistake doesn't mean the end of the world.

In fact, we learn from our mistakes! And as said perfectly by Bob Ross: "We don't make mistakes, just happy accidents." Accidentally spill a bucket of bright red paint on a brand-new white carpet? Never fear! Just turn it into cardinal or something.

Weird people are the best people.

As long as it's the good kind of weird. Weird people are interesting and fun! And I don't blame you, Bob; I often catch myself doing the same thing. No shame. Who wants to be normal? No one.

Do what makes you happy.

Really, whatever makes you happy.

Don't stress out too much.

Be more like clouds. It's important to get stuff done, but don't let it stress you out, and take breaks every once in a while. Maybe even pretend to be a cloud. Whatever works for you.

Healthy ways to take out hostilities.

Instead of taking out frustrations on people who annoy you, just put that frustration to use to help clean your paintbrushes! Or if you don't paint, sweep the devil out of your floors or something.

How cool animals are.

Not only did Bob Ross love painting, but he also had a passion for animals. Once when he was younger, he even tried to take care of a baby alligator in his bathtub and scared the living daylights out of his mom.

Be positive.

He is like a gentler version of Shia LaBeouf.

Or so you think.

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