Life Is One Big Fleeting Moment
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Life Is One Big Fleeting Moment

Don't live with regrets.

Life Is One Big Fleeting Moment

Life is made up of fleeting moments. We all let time pass us because we become consumed with whatever is occupying our time. Before we know it, three or four years have passed, and we sit there asking ourselves, how did that happen? The problem is that we let the major things take over our daily lives, and underappreciate the little things. We complain about things (although you are more than allowed to) that others are not so lucky to have the chance to complain about.

It is in the moment of loss of someone close to you or of others, especially close in age, that you realize how much you take life for granted. We start to then feel bad and think about how it is so unfair how others suffer through a great misfortune. Then, we believe that we will start life’s journey with new eyes, but after the first few days, we are back into our routine. What is that doing?

The only thing you can do, is to really look around and fully grasp that life is unpredictable. You will never know when it is the last time you will ever speak to a person. So, if you're hesitant to, speak up. Always live life, like it is your last moment. Now I’m not saying to quit your job, eat your favorite meal in excessive amounts, or do anything illegal, but I’m saying to make sure you’re happy in this moment of time. Make sure you aren’t living with regrets.

This is more to honor those that can’t get those extra days to live how they wanted. Everyone is in denial about life and forget how anything can happen to you! We are all in this together.

Another thing we forget, is that word: together. Let’s treat people better, as to increase the quality of life. Let’s not only make sure YOUR happiness is acquired, but that the happiness of others is a priority as well. Life is too short for selfishness and greed. Life is too short for anything but happiness.

This is the only chance we get at life. So, let's make this life a good one.

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