Do you ever wish you just had time to entertain all aspects of life? As a college student, I often feel like I'm slacking, like I'm neglecting parts of my life that constantly need improvement. How in the world am I suppose to be able to maintain a job, college, healthy eating, working out, social life, family time, adulting and still have time to Netflix and chill? I've come to the conclusion that we all go through seasons of life. It is impossible to maintain all the seasons of life at once and you just have to pick an choose which seasons you want to be in?

1. The season of FITNESS

In this season of life, you are fully committed to eating things that are good for your body! If it's not going to fuel or benefit your body, you are not putting it in your mouth! Working out seven days a week has become a beautiful habit that you don't want to interrupt. I myself, have only been this committed once, but I'm working on it! I'm constantly struggling with this season because lets face it, shawty likes cheese burgers and naps!

2. The season of TRAVEL

Oh, how I wish I could just hang out in this season for a little while longer! Of Course I'm constantly day dreaming about this season, and always planing the next adventure, writing it down on paper and hoping to execute it in the near future. Unfortunately, school bells ring, class is in session and your bank account looks worse than Miley Cyrus during her "We Can't Stop" party season.

3. The season of PARTIES

A lot of people look down on this season of life, but if I myself skipped out on this season, I wouldn't have met some of the greatest friend or experienced some of the BEST memories! In this season, I made some of the worst decisions but thats shaped me into the woman I am today, and I wouldn't trade that for the world! Being in college and getting invited to a new party every weekend is the highlight of your life in this season! You're constantly texting people, asking them which party they're going to and wondering which party is better, the frat house or billy joes back yard bon fire. (Coming from the southern girl, choose the bonfire! You're less likely to get roofed and more likely to have a good time! Besides you'll be more socially accepted at the bon fire than an the frat house!)

5. The season of the HOMEBODY

Oh how this is one of my favorite seasons! NETFLIX AND CHILL!! Holla! This season has to take place when your work load and your studies are at a minimum so you can maximize your time binge watching Shamelss or OITNB. Hey, just because your in this season of life, doesn't mean you're socially awkward or have no friends. It just means that you're drained from all the other seasons of life and need a time out!

6. The season of ROMANCE

Ugh. This season is the best season, but also the worst. In my opinion, its the most time consuming. Having to constantly think of someone else; their feelings, thoughts and emotions, can be quiet tiering. Once this season of my life comes to an end,(because lets face it I'm going to end up an old cat lady) I don't want to see it again for a solid 6 months! I'm the type of person who gives my all in a relationship so I'm just about ready for the homebody season after this one!

7. The season of devotion

This is the most intrinsic rewarding season of them all! Giving to others selfishly and devoting your time to the good Lord is so fulfilling. I believe we all struggle with this one the most, partially because we get discouraged with our faith and partially because we get so consumed with life that we forget to stop and than the man above for providing us with even the simplest of things. This season is the only one I try to maintain a constant in my life! Not only from a christian standpoint but being a good citizen consist of devoting your time to the less fortunate. In this season you can only walk away with positivity, so enjoy it!

8. The season of ADULTING

Ahh the inevitable adulting stage! There comes a time in your life when the party and romance start to slow down and you just want to focus on yourself and your career, and thats okay! You're constantly worried about building your credit score, the best deals at SAMs and how to get ahead on your finances for next month. Its scary and sometimes overwhelming. This is currently the season I'm in! I'm avoiding the bar and chasing crazy dreams that seam nearly impossible. This is new territory and I'm not sure how long this season lasts, but I'm excited to finally be here!

Every season is crutial to molding you into the person you are suppose to become! No matter what season you may be in, love it, embrace it, and don't regret it, because you never know when you'll get to see that season again!