Life As A Jr. Baseball Mom

My obsession with baseball added to my naturally nurturing personality leads me to be a Jr. Baseball Mom.

This is quite an honor. Baseball mom's take their jobs very seriously.

There aren't a ton of Jr. Baseball moms out there. Your knowledge of the game has to be significant. You have to be focused on watching the whole game, not just one person.

Here is a list of things you can look for to identify a Jr. Baseball mom.

1. The Bag

Baseball season for my school starts February 9th (that's less than 5 months! I can't take it). Most places, it is still freezing cold and often snowing in February. This bag, or one similar, is filled with gloves, headwrap, blankets, and extra socks.I have sat through any freezing games, and a few snowy ones too. Without a stash of cold weather gear, you will not be able to last through one game, and most days in college baseball land are double headers, so gear up!

When the weather finally turns, the same bag will be dumped out and filled with sunscreen, sunglasses, and cold water.

This bag always contains snacks and programs from the entire season. It can be a bit of mess, but it is always ready to go

2. Shirts

The wardrobe of a baseball mom is quite impressive. Being a Jr. Mom is a little more difficult when it comes to clothing. Many of the cutest "mom" shirts include numbers. This is not an option for Jr. Moms. You do not want to offend any moms or girlfriends. . .

There are many options for cute, neutral baseball shirts. My bae seball shirt is one of my favorites. Routine Baseball (link in picture above) has so many clever shirts for guys and girls. I also love Baseballism (link in lower picture). These brands are so creative and often run great sales.

3. Accessories

My newest obsession is these bracelets from Game Day Feels. They are made from the baseball glove laces. They have a variety of colors, and you can get them personalized with a quote, name, or coordinates of your favorite ballpark. Currently, I have one with my high school's field coordinates, one with my college's field coordinates, one with Psalm 96:12, and three others I got in grab bag sale. I love layering them and finding different wrapping combinations. I sound like a paid salesperson, but I promise I am not. I am just a huge fan!

4. Shoes

You can make any outfit a baseball outfit with these guys. The ones that I have are "laced" on the sides only, but these ones are leather, which would come in handy for cleaning after those rainy day games!

5. The Heart

None of this other stuff matters if you don't love the game. Baseball is what it is all about. The game has to capture your heart. It's beautiful when it does. It sounds really dramatic, but I honestly can't imagine my life without baseball being a part of it. I've met some of my sweetest friends through baseball. I am able to connect with people who I have nothing else in common with. It is the best to get to see guys that you know love the game as much, honestly probably more (but that could be debatable), as you play with their whole hearts. Once you have the heart for the game, learning it becomes more fun as well. It is complicated! I've been watching the game since I was three, but I, by no means, could be an umpire.

In high school, when I first became a Jr. baseball mom, I said I would never love a team as much as I loved that team until I had a son that played. The team at Taylor is making its way up to the same level of adoration I had for my high school team. Once you become a Jr. Baseball Mom, you can never go back.

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