The joys of sleeping in, waking up to the smell of morning coffee, and food cooking in the kitchen. Having to wake up on the weekends is one of the best feelings in the world. That is, unless you're a hunter's daughter. If you're like me, your dad wakes you up around 4 AM to get dressed in gear and have the car loaded in time to reach the hunting stand. Now, you have to reach the stand before it's daylight or you've basically ruined the whole trip. Having a father who's hobby is hunting is time consuming but rewarding in numerous ways. Here's the inside scoop of the life of a hunter's daughter and all she accomplishes.

1. Waking up at 4 or 5 AM to get to the stand before sunrise.

2. Sharing your birthday with your dad's favorite hunting season.

Let's be real, having a November birthday is probably one of the best. Fall has begun and depending on weather you can hit the beach or have a bonfire. Well, unless you're similar to me and spend most time around your birthday in a tree stand looking for that 10 point you've had your eye on all year.

3. "Vacation" means putting up tree stands in the woods.

4. Living at Bass Pro Shops.

Most people I know love this place. It's basically a second home to most fishermen and hunters. I receive endless gift cards for my birthday for this place (along with my dad) to which we both save up for that one specific item we've dreamed about having. It's not just a store, it's a life choice.

5. Learning how to fit camouflage into your wardrobe.

6. Getting shunned for trying to be a vegetarian.

7. Preferring venison (deer) or gator meat over beef.

Yes, the meat taste different. No, I will not try to explain it to you. If you haven't given yourself the opportunity of experiencing both, you may want to extend your comfort zone. You could also do as I did and eat it thinking it was a normal burger since your parents told you it was. It's a cruel way to explore new food, but satisfying.

8. Doing homework in tree stands.

I won't lie to you, I worked on this and multiple homework assignments while in a tree stand waiting for deer to pass. Yes, sitting in a stand can be a long and time consuming time. Investing in homework is a must. It's not like finishing up an assignment will make unbelievable noise and scare the deer off. Work with your school and hunting schedule, never against it.

9. Enjoying the outdoors more than normal.

10. Understanding the bond of a hunter and his hunt

There will never be enough words to sum up the family and bonds I've been accepted into from being a hunter's daughter. Not only will you have endless memories to share with those that couldn't experience the trip but you'll never forget how it shaped you. Hunting is more than a hobby. For some, it's a means of survival and how some will provide for their families. Getting to meet such extraordinary people, ones that truly respect and understand why hunter's do as they do is something I wouldn't trade for a lifetime.

Thank you dad, for introducing me to something I wasn't as accepting of before I tried it for myself.