A Letter to my Wonderful Roommates-Thank you.

To my roommates and best friends, I am thankful for you.

We all have those people in our life that makes every day worthwhile. Through endless happiness and laughter, they have changed your life for the better. In honor of Thanksgiving and the semester coming to an end soon, I want to take a minute to express how thankful I am for the people in my life that have put up with me everyday and impacted me in an endless number of ways. To my roommates whom also hold the title as my best friends, this one goes out to you.

21 reasons I am thankful for my roommates:

1. For the random dance parties that break out in the apartment.

2. For taking me out for some fun on days where I am overwhelmed with stress.

3. For always being down for an adventure.

4. For those days where we end up doing the most spontaneous things (Malibu at midnight?-why not?!)

5. For singing along to songs in the car as loudly and crazy as possible, despite the looks we get from the cars next to us.

6. For the hours we spend planning future adventures (road trip 2k17 here we come!)

7. For befriending all of my friends and introducing me to yours.

8. For sharing your dessert with me (FYI pretty sure I ate 5 of those homemade muffins last night...sorry not sorry!)

9. For constantly listening to my boy drama and telling me about yours.

10. For always looking out for me and making sure I get places safely and on time.

11. For pushing me to my limits (wouldn't have survived 13.1 miles of running without ya besties)

12. For making me laugh on a daily basis.

13. For always assuming you are invited to join in anything I do (because it's always more fun with you, buddies!).

14. For being on the same page as me every Friday night, and understanding that some days are for partying hard and others are meant for chick flicks and popcorn.

15. For coming up with ridiculous ideas that turn into fantastic memories (cliff jumping is always a good idea right?).

16. For all those nighttime talks that can go on for hours.

17. For telling me everything will be okay, even when I don't believe it for myself.

18. For daydreaming with me (we're still gonna travel the world together next year-right?!)

19. For endless advice-fashion, relationship, school...you name it.

20. For enthusiastically greeting me every time we see each other.

21. For making each day an exciting new experience (you never know what's gonna happen, but it'll probably be great).

Love you amigas! Thanks for all the memories and adventures in college so far.


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