A Letter To Those Who Tend To Overcomplicate Things

Sometimes we tend to make life more complicated than it really is. Your peers get stressed out just seeing you over think and they stress out. It's just that for some of us, the little guy in the back of our minds just never seems to shut up, and the wheels in our brains are constantly turning. What I've learned: this is not always a bad thing. So here is a letter to the ones who tend to make things more complicated than they really are—it's okay.

Making things more complicated than they really are, just means that you're a critical thinker. It's not always a negative quality to have. Going into depth and using your imagination makes your thought processes just that much more special.

Sometimes we really do overthink things to the point that it makes us anxious or stressed out. However, if we learn to prioritize our thoughts and feelings, we can continue to think thoroughly about all of our options in a given situation, but without all the stress. Try to focus on what's most important to you and try to find the most efficient and effective way to handle the obstacles that life throws at you.

Detail is good. Despite how your peers (or whoever your audience may be) make you feel, do not be ashamed of your sometimes overly detailed stories or your overbearing, outspoken thoughts. Let your creative juices flow and don't be afraid to express them to others! It just goes to show that you have a very different and sometimes very elaborate perspective on life.

To eliminate some of the excessive over-thinking of things, just remember that when life gets complicated you don't have to explain yourself. This is a big one, at least for me it is. I hate explaining myself to others when I have a thousand different things racing through my head. It makes it ten times more difficult to accept my own thoughts and feelings, and that's not how it should be. If something makes sense to you and you firmly believe in it, that's all that matters. You do you.

Don't make yourself think you're going crazy. Trust in your own intuition; you don't always need the opinion or confirmation of others to accept your own thoughts for what they are. Who cares if you think of 100 consequences to your actions rather than just the one obvious one; and it's not a big deal if you give what people may think to be the "unnecessary" details to a story, because despite what they say, depth is good.

All in all, we can't choose the cards we are dealt. Life is meant to be filled with complications. If life were clean of all imperfections, we wouldn't get anything out of it, so it's okay to over think sometimes—it makes us appreciate the details of life that much more.


The Overly-complicated One

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