A Thank You Letter To My Dogs
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A Thank You Letter To My Dogs

I can't imagine my life without your spunk and positive influence on my day to day life.

A Thank You Letter To My Dogs
Jackie Chirco

To my dogs,

Thank you. My life would be so dull and empty without you guys. Everyday I look forward to seeing your innocent and jubilant expressions every morning, afternoon, and night. Even at my low points, downfalls, and moments of doubt I can always sprawl out on the floor and lay with you. You are constant figures in my life, and I'm grateful for all the love you have opened me up to.

From your goofy faces, to unique personalities--you never fail to bring my spirits up. I remember times where I came home crying, and stressed out, and ready to give up and sulk but both of you gave me sympathetic doe eyes, and came to me. You comforted me, cuddled with me, and calmed me down. Your ability to comprehend emotion baffles me every time, as well as your ability to understand when we go in the car, or to the vet. I dread the day I lose one of you, or when I go off to college in less than two years. I can't imagine my life without your spunk and positive influence on my day to day life.


You are, quite literally, my angel. From your angelic white glow to your protective, and some what sassy, behavior--you make me feel safe. Since I was four years old you were a large part of my life, and us deciding to get you was a major stepping stone to my love of animals. I never get tired of hearing you bark or feeling the soft touch of your fur.

Since my youth, you have gotten quite a reputation with my friends, neighbors, and family. They misunderstand you, and I'm sorry for that. Because of your protective, and often snarky response to strangers and people you do not know or trust, people call you "Devil". Yes, it's a funny play on your name, but in all honesty you do not deserve that. Your protectiveness has helped and saved us along the years. Back in 2011 when a burglar broke in and stole Mom's purse, your loud barking scared them away before more damage was done. I know you are not as friendly as other dogs, but most people don't get the pleasure to see the other side of you--the caring and lovable side. It still surprises people that you love to give kisses and cuddle. But beyond protecting your family, you protect your food, toys, and even Walter (my other dog) on some occasions.

Even now, when you are getting older, you are still just as youthful and lively. You still bark when you see strangers, but you have calmed down in your old age. And still, with your wobbly leg and daily thyroid pills, you still manage to act like a needy five year old. You aggressively and determinedly bark and howl when you want water, or food, or to go outside. And you run around, sprint and run in circles when you get excited. Sometimes you lose your balance and slip and fall, yet you get right back up and continue on. All these strong and courageous qualities truly add to your spunky personality and I admire you so very much.


We knew from the moment we met you, that you were a Walter. Your squished up and wrinkly face resembled an old man, and that means you deserved an old man name. It's so funny to me how much you differ from Angel, in everything you do. It's amusing to view your mannerisms and habits--from the way you prance around, your constant need to lay on top of something, and your obsession with food.

Of course, you didn't always walk so clumsily. After you had two herniated discs,almost became paralyzed, and came close to death--you never did walk the same. And your love of sitting on top of objects, especially high tables, led to this scary event. You were always my baby, but after we almost lost you, I became more coddling. The reality that you might have died was a hit in the face throughout the weeks we didn't see you--when you were receiving expensive and intense spinal surgery. Our family learned from our mistakes of letting you jump around, and we now monitor you closely so this never happens again.

I love how you run and squeal when we give you food. And how your bottom teeth stick out of your mouth because of your under bite and crooked teeth, which always makes me giggle. And how you rarely give kisses, but when you do it's always special. And how you helped Angel socialize and became her companion as she grows older. And I can't wait until it's December so I can put your Christmas sweater on. We're so lucky to have the pleasure of your company, and because of your addition to our family, the last six years have been full of laughs and plenty of love.

So, to my dogs, I love you both so much. You compliment each other, and our family so well.

Simply, thank you.

Love, Jackie

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