A Letter to My Baby Brother as We Both Grow Up

Dear little brother,

You're growing so fast, right before my eyes, and I cannot believe it. I still remember the first time I held you; you're little fingers wrapped around one of mine, and your sweet blue eyes. I remember not being able to fully grasp that I was a big sister, I couldn't grasp that you were my baby brother.

In my thirteen year old mind; I was solely responsible for you-- you were my brother, how could I not be!? I wanted to be involved in every bath time and story telling, and I'm glad I was able to. I'm glad I've gotten to see you progress into who you are today, (even though you're only seven), You're so smart, kind, generous, rambunctious and silly, and I could not be more proud to be your Sissy.

There's a lot I should probably say sorry for:

1) I'm sorry when I yelled at you when you were three and got into my makeup,

2) I'm sorry I get mad when you ask to sleep with me, then hog all the covers,

3) I'm sorry for when I lock you out of my room so I can have some peace and quiet,

4) And I'm so sorry that I'm not there all the time.

Because I'm so far away from home, I live for our Facetime and phone calls, just to hear your voice say "Hi Sissy! I miss you," I love watching you play the piano, dancing, and singing over video chat and hearing your laugh. So just know that since I'm not present everyday of your life, I'm still your biggest fan, and love to watch you succeed and grow from afar.

You have been a gift to me, and our entire family since the day you were born; you brought us all together and completed our family,

I wont lie, and say that there aren't times when I wish I could have put you back where you came from when you're driving me crazy. I won't lie, and say I wish you never learned how to talk and use sarcasm, and I won't lie, and say I would do your entire childhood over again, just to watch you grow up again.

There's no greater feeling in the world than realizing that my biggest fan stands three feet tall, with sticky blonde hair and a missing tooth smile.

You've saved me in ways that I will never be able to explain, and ways I will never be able to repay.

When I thought the world was against me, you were there with your spacey smile and giggles to let me know there is always hope. You probably will never understand the little things you've done, (writing me a 'song', reading me a bed time story, and taking silly snap-chat videos) have been the biggest motivators in my life.

I hope one day I can make you as proud as you've made me, little bear.

I love you to the moon and back,

Love Sissy

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