An Open Letter To My High School Friends
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An Open Letter To My High School Friends

An Open Letter To My High School Friends

To the most beautiful, loving, caring, kindhearted girls I've ever had the pleasure of knowing,

First off, I miss you all so much. Though I've only been on campus for five weeks, it feels like a lifetime ago that I said bye to all of you. But somehow, it seems like just yesterday that we were all sitting around someone's basement singing the craziest songs at the top of our lungs with tears streaming down our face from all the laughter or obnoxiously taking over an entire restaurant for someone's birthday. It's weird not seeing all of you every day, even just in passing in the hallways or during lunch periods where we tried to cram everything interesting that happened to each of us that school day into one 26-minute lunch period. It's weird not complaining about the same homework assignments together, or studying for the same tests together. It's crazy to think that now we're all hundreds if not thousands of miles apart. But no matter where we are, how far apart we are, whether or not we all talk the way we did in high school in ten years, I'll always be thankful for the four years you gave to me. And here's why:

1. Thank you for taking me in.

Most you have been friends long before high school, even long before middle school. Many of you guys went to pre-school together, went to summer camp together and played sports or participated in theater together. Though we were all friendly in middle school, we still sat at different lunch tables (And we all know how lunch tables in middle school worked...), we weren't as good of friends as we are now. And when high school started and we began to have more and more classes together, we began to hang out more and more. During free periods or in the library or sometimes even during lunch. And when I needed you all the most, you were there for me. Each and every one of you. Though I had been left behind by some, you all were there to pick me back up and keep me standing; you all never left me behind. In fact, you pushed me forward and you all welcomed me into your circle with the widest arms. I'll forever be grateful for that, because I'd be nowhere without the friendships you all have given me, and I'd only have had half the fun that I had in high school if it weren't for you guys. So thank you, for making me feel like I finally belonged somewhere.

2. Thank you for always being there.

If we're being 100% honest here, I'd be nowhere near as mentally stable as I am right now if it weren't for you guys. From late night rant sessions over text and Facebook about math (because really, when were we never crying about math), to cram sessions in the sandwich line right before those foreign language exams or history exams, you were the ones who reminded me to take deep breathes. That it would be okay. But it was more than just reminding me that I did study hard enough for that one test and that I would pass (even if it was just a 66), you kept me happy. You made me smile when I didn't think I could. I never had a reason to not be smiling around you all, even if it was a rough day. You were always all there with your unwavering support and motivation, no matter what you all had going on in your life. And you became even more supportive when it wasn't related to school. If I was struggling with something outside of school, or sports were getting tough, or there were boy problems, you all always offered a shoulder to cry on and hug when needed. All I ever had to do was say "I need to rant" or "Can we talk? I need some advice/probably a shoulder to cry on." So thank you, for always offering your unconditional support and for always being there for me (even when it came down to something as dumb as my hyperventilation for our first ever AP essay. Shout-out to that breathing bag).

3. Thank you for the laughs.

I swear you all are the most hilarious group of people I've ever met. Sometimes it was just the things that came out of our mouths because we were so tired, or sometimes it was just the sense of humor, but really you guys should be comedians. Sometimes you didn't even have to try to be funny- it just happened. So thank you for the countless inside jokes that should remain inside jokes, thank you for the silly-ness that led to tears of laughter and thank you for all always being the ones to make me laugh when I needed it the most.

4. Thank you for the memories.

My high school experience would have been nowhere near what it was if it weren't for any of you. From birthday dinners to random posts in the group, to the funny text messages sent at all hours of the day, to getting ready for parties and trying to take enough pictures for an entire Facebook Album and for everyone to Instagram a different one, to date nights at the crepe place, to late night frozen yogurt runs or trips to the diner, to shopping trips and amusement parks, from crying at the beginning of midterm and finals week to celebrating at the end, you were all there for it all. You made those experiences for me, you cried with me and you laughed with me and you lived through them with me. And if it weren't for any of you, I wouldn't have experienced any of those moments the way that I did. I'll forever be grateful for that.

5. Thank you for being you.

Last but not least, I'm thanking each and everyone of you, for being you. All of you are so unique and it made for such a great group of friends. So thank you for being your beautiful, kind, selfless, loving, happy, fun, funny, outgoing and lively selves. I'd be nowhere without each and everyone of you. You have all taught me something different, something that only each one of you could teach me. You've all made me laugh in your own ways, you've all helped me out in your own ways and you've all changed my life in your own way.

I miss you all more and more each day, but I know that wherever we all end up one day, I can look back at the pictures and the group on Facebook or the little things that we collected from all the adventures and realize that I was truly the luckiest girl on the planet to have you all as my friends. Thank you for everything, I'll forever be grateful to each and every one of you.

Love Always,


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