An Open Letter to High School Bullies

Dear High School Bullies,

I'll admit that I've been thinking about doing this for a while, but I held off on it because I was nothing short of scared when I thought about the consequences. However, the part of my life that this issue addresses is no longer relevant, and I realized that If I didn't do it now, It probably would have never happened, and I'd regret it for ever, so I've decided to get it out of my system. With that being said, here goes nothing.

You know who you are. You were unnecessarily mean, condescending, and made fun of people you didn’t know just because you felt like it. Maybe you didn't realize you were hurting people. Maybe you didn't realize you were doing a bad thing at all, and you thought it was all fun and games and that was all it ever would be. Maybe you just had n idea that it could have a horrible impact on an innocent person's life. Either way, that IS not the way to treat people. There could be a lot of reasons why you were the way you were, but it will always be inexcusable. Call it what you want, but you were a bully, and you know it.

I'm not sure why you felt the need to be so mean. As far as I know, I never did anything to you, but if I unwittingly did, I'm sorry. However, I would never treat someone the way you treated me as well as several others. I know being mean made you feel validated in some way, but still, I don't understand the point of being as cruel as you were.

I'm not sure why picking on me made you feel better about yourselves, it was both pointless and immature. Even when I decided to take the high road and treated you with utmost kindness, it still didn't work. I'm not even sure if you realized how wrong what you were doing was, but I definitely hope you realize that by now if not in the near future.

I made the mistake of letting you get to me. You tried to make me feel like I was less than you, and for some time I actually believed it. However, I learned not to let you bother me and developed thick skin, and eventually your cruelty just bounced right off me. Even after that happened, you kept trying to bring me down, but at that point, I was too strong to let it affect me. Your efforts became pointless, and I became happier.

Even though you caused me some misery, it turned out to be beneficial in the end. Because of your tormenting, I became stronger, more mature, and maybe even a nicer person, because you made me realize the importance of being kind to others. So, in a way, thank you. Thank you for making me a better person.


Someone whose life you changed for the better.

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