The term "Almost Genuine" may be a little confusing to grasp. How can a person be "kind of" genuine? Isn't that the point of the word? As I go on to write this letter, I believe you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. You most likely know many people like this, or maybe you are one. It isn't necessarily a bad thing, I just believe we all could be a little more intentional with our words and our time.

To The Almost Genuine,

First of all, thank you. Thank you for making an effort to be there and be a present force in my life. Very few people even try to care what's going on with others around them anymore, and I mean I get it. Life is busier than ever; school, kids, work and everything else in the universe we are all expected handle on a daily basis. It's hard to be everything for everyone, but know you don't have to be, and more importantly that you shouldn't try to be.

In the grand scheme of things, it means so much more to really be there for the people that you can be there for. Do not spread yourself thin or continue to make promises you can't keep. The more you do this, the less your words begin to mean to the people around you. When people have faith and friendship in you and you continually blow them off, it hurts. It creates resentment you may not even be aware of and it takes a serious toll on the relationship.

You may not think a thing about it, but people are counting on you. When you say you're going to pray for someone, do it. When you make coffee plans, keep them. Be what you say you'll be and do what you say you'll do. Be intentional with your time because people need that. People need people who mean what they say and say what they mean.

Even with the best intentions, no one wants to be seen as "almost genuine." Give what you can to who you can, and learn to say no. It is so much more important to have several whole relationships than dozens of half ones. Half relationship do not fulfill anyone. In fact, they jsut leave you feeling empty and unimportant. While I know you don't mean to be anything other than genuine, never be an almost. Be all there for the people you can be all there for. Keep your promises and watch how your relationships flourish. It's worth it to learn that you can never be everything to everyone. Be genuine, be intentional.


The Girl Who is Tired of Almost