An Open Letter To My Aunt
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An Open Letter To My Aunt

Clothes, Secrets, and Laughter, We Shared It All.

An Open Letter To My Aunt
Leeann Votee

I have no idea where to start! We have never had a normal aunt and niece relationship. We were more like best friends or sisters than aunt and niece, but I would not have had it any other way.

I feel like we have pretty much grown up together. We have been through so much and so many fights, but no matter what we always had each other back. It seemed like nobody could tell us anything because we were going to do it our way anyways. All those times we had to sneak around to be able to go out to eat. All of our adventures, some of which landed up in some questionable areas of town. It seemed like every day was a new adventure.

Our elaborate pranks were the best, though. We played practical jokes on so many people; I could never keep count. We laughed at so many different things and occasionally fell off the bed laughing. We had to laugh in some situations in order to keep ourselves sane.

Pretty sure we attracted crazy people. They usually came by the dozen and in every variety. We laughed through every liar, thief, and manipulator.

Oh, and I cannot forget about all the times we shared clothes. At some point, I could not distinguish between our clothes. I am also pretty sure one of our fights consisted of whose clothes belonged to whom. Clothes, secrets, and laughter, we shared it all.

We had so many great times and so many good memories. Even though we are not as close anymore, we can always cherish the relationship that we use to have. I just want you to know that I still love you with all of my heart and I would do anything you needed me to do! Oh and thank you for putting up with me for the last 19 years! It is a hard job that not many people could do!

Thank you for being the greatest aunt and best friend I could have ever wished for! Thank you for always being at every event that I was a part of. Thank you for loving me and always being the shoulder I needed to cry on. Thank you for being YOU!


Your favorite niece!

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