A Letter To A Cubs Fan From A White Sox Fan

I still remember the night of October 26, 2005, in vivid detail. I crafted a sneaky way throughout the playoffs to know the score of the game when it was passed my bed time. If my dad cheered and clapped, the White Sox got a home run. If my dad groaned, the other team got one. That night, I sat by my door with my lights turned out so my mom would think I actually went to bed (LOL) and anxiously counted the cheers and the boos.

With one cheer louder than all of the rest, I knew we had won. I remember running downstairs to cheer with my dad as the White Sox won the World Series for the first time in 88 years. I didn't get much sleep that night, but was satisfied when I woke up in the morning and saw the "Believe It!" headline in the Chicago Tribune and went to school to discover everyone was as tired and excited as I was.

This is something I will never forget. It was a special father-daughter moment. For my family, it went the world. My great-great-grandfather and great-grandfather ran the scoreboard at Comiskey Park, being a White Sox fan runs in my blood.

As I continued to grow up, my dad and I constantly joked with my friends who were Cubs fans for not winning a World Series since 1908 (and yes, most of the jokes involved a goat). The rivalry can be intense at times, but it is all in good fun and every true Chicago baseball fan knows that.

It has come to my attention that my days joking about a goat curse may be numbered. Last year, I decided to put all jokes aside and rooted for the Cubs during the playoffs. One thing sports never fails to do is bring people together, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed when the Cubs lost.

When the new season began, I resumed joking with all of my friends who are Cubs fans. At the start of the season, a Cross Town World Series looked possible which further fueled the joking around, but all hope was quickly lost for White Sox fans.

With the playoffs coming up, you guys are the clear favorite to win, and it's about damn time. Like last year, I will hold back every joke I can think of (crap this is going to be hard) and stand with you all. You deserve this win more than anyone. When you get the win, enjoy it. It may have been half of my life ago, but I still remember that World Series win like it was yesterday. It is a moment every baseball fan dreams of, and I promise you it is all that it is hyped up to be and more.

I really hope the Cubs get it this year and come April the rivalry will resume (as well as the goat jokes because let's face it, being cursed by a goat will never not be funny).

Best of luck,

A lifelong White Sox fan

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