Are We Raiding Area 51, Or Nah?

Are We Raiding Area 51, Or Nah?

Mob mentality can be a dangerous thing. But with the release of the Netflix special, "Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers," hundreds of thousands of people are reconsidering the possibility that the government is aware of and hiding aliens from us.


The popular Netflix special, "Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers," is interesting and thought-provoking. I couldn't stop thinking that this guy, Bob Lazar, is telling the truth. According to Lazar, he worked at a subsector of Area 51 called S4, where he worked on de-assembling alien spacecraft to explain their technology, which apparently uses an anti-matter reactor to bend holes in space-time that allow these alien saucers to "fall" into these gravitational holes created by their technology. Sounds crazy, right?

Much of Lazar's story seems unprovable, but none of it has been disproven. Meaning that although no one can prove he saw what he says he saw, no one can prove he didn't see it either. This makes his diagrams and explanations especially convincing, as not only are they consistent throughout his career, but they are accurate and sound logically infallible.

Now, though, more than 400,000 people on Facebook have signed up to raid Area 51 on September 20th of this year. People want to "see them aliens." That, and the meme value for this alien stuff is 10/10, just go on any social media and bask in the hilarity of alien memeage.

Although an action like this is unlikely, especially for the 400k people signed up to raid Area 51, I went ahead and joined the Facebook group because if they're gonna go see some aliens, I wanna make sure to be in the loop for that. The consequences of something like this sound interesting in theory but will dangerous in execution. Obviously, the government is "strongly discouraging" people from raiding Area 51 and claims that the facility is an "Air Force training range." Right. I'm sure they'll say anything to keep people from finding aliens.

All I know is I'm buying a plane ticket to Nevada to be on stand-by on September 20th and I'll keep my eyes peeled for those sweet government secrets. 'Merica.

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