Joey Chestnut is a human being like no other. If you are unfamiliar with his accomplishments, he holds 48 eating records, per Major League Eating. He has won the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest twelve times in the last thirteen years. He is the Michael Jordan of eating... or is Jordan the Joey Chestnut of basketball? After watching Chestnut down SEVENTY-ONE hot dogs on July 4th, 2019, I was curious just to see how his dynasty compares to that of the best athletes and teams to ever grace the Earth. Here's what I found:

Chestnut has 12 Nathan's titles, which is more titles than:

Bill Russell: 11 (NBA), 12x NBA All-Star

Michael Jordan: 6 (NBA), 10x All-NBA First Team

LeBron James: 3 (NBA)

Kobe Bryant: 5 (NBA), 11x All-NBA First Team

Tom Brady: 6 (NFL), widely considered the best NFL player of all time

Joe DiMaggio: 11 (MLB)

Babe Ruth: 7 (MLB)

The St. Louis Cardinals: 11 (MLB)

The Boston Red Sox: 9 (MLB)

The Green Bay Packers: 11 (NFL)

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football: 11 (CFB)

UCLA Basketball: 11 (CBB), widely considered the best program in college basketball history

Duke AND UNC Basketball combined: 11 (CBB)


The numbers speak for themselves: Joey Chestnut is the greatest athlete to ever exist.

I hope you enjoyed. Yes, this is a joke. But in all seriousness, Joey Chestnut continues to do incredible things, and we should all bear witness to his domination in Major League Eating.