The year 2015 came and went and now here we are in the wake of 2016. Like any year, there have been ups and downs, and I am sure this year will not be any different, but we can still hope. I don’t know what would be a better fitting New Year’s resolution rather than a year full of success and happiness, which could come in all different forms for all different people. It could be eating differently, quitting smoking, starting a family, going back to school or becoming a better person -- each as great a goal as the next. However, sometimes those goals tend to lose their importance as the year progresses. It is not like it is intentional (on occasion it might be). It just happens, life happens, but there are things each of us can go back to and focus on if we wanted to. There are so many opportunities to make 2016 a great year!

1. Finding fulfillment.

Whether it is by getting involved or just doing something that you love, fill your life with happiness and keep it that way. Don’t let it feel like a drag or a day to day thing. Wake up to feeling alive and being motivated. Stay optimistic and positive. Let 2016 be your year.

2. Building memories.

Have fun. Do stuff that you enjoy or perhaps try new stuff. Continue on with old friends and begin with new ones. Make things a good experience by getting out there. Test yourself. See your limits and be bold whether switching things up and doing something differently or going sky diving.

3. Be yourself.

The best person you can be is yourself, so embrace it -- and embrace “you.” If you are not sure, find it. Find the inner you. Do the things above. If you need to, change for the better. Become someone who you like.

No matter your goal, you have the power to turn 2016 into the year you want. Make goals and achieve them. Make plans and create excitement. Then make new ones. Make 2016 yours and own it. May your year be full of everything you put into it and more. So be the one to quit smoking or decide to go back to school. Be the one to do what you choose to be your resolution. You have a whole year to make some lead way. Why not start now!