It's that time of year, where rest is all but forgotten about for the average college student. Their eyes are plaster on screens and their fingers frantically hit the keys on the keyboard, trying to cram in that last minute paper. This is the time of year, where sleep and relaxation is a foreign concept.

We get worn out and lose sight of something so very important. We lose sight of rest. It gets placed on the back burner and is only brought forward when the chaos grows dim. We no longer have time to just sit. To sit in the silence, to rest in peace. We lack the inability to relax and rest, and because of this, we get worn out and lose confidence.

I know it's hard, believe me. I am restless, unable to just sit and rest, when my mind is constantly racing. But, it is during this time of the year, where rest is especially crucial. It's the time of the year where we must take moments out of our chaotic days to sit and rest in the silence.

So, put the paper aside or the project down for a time and just be still. I know we all have a million things to do, but sometimes silence sparks inspiration, and who couldn't use a little bit more motivation to push through now and then.

Take a break, take a breath and find a time to rest. Don't run yourself ragged, don't get so caught up in the hustle and bustle, that you forget to sit down and find peace in the silence.