If You Feel Suffocated, Just Let Things Go
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If You Feel Suffocated, Just Let Things Go

It is not time that can heal the wounds of the heart, but it is because of our mind that we will never let go

If You Feel Suffocated, Just Let Things Go

Just when you feel painful enough, you will be able to put it down yourself.

Deep down in each of us, everyone has their wounds and hardships to endure. Saying that time will heal all, in fact, we just deceive ourselves. If not, why does time only heal this person but not the others?

There are people who suffer from misery, and yet, they solve it by negative choices such as violence against others, take revenge on life, seek out pleasures such as alcohol, stimulant drugs, gambling, sex ... to temporarily forget the pain in their heart and experience the feeling of "gloating" for a moment. Is it even more painful faking your happiness?

It turns out that time is unintentional, the only intentional thing is our mind. Only when the time has passed long enough, our feelings, our thoughts might change. Until our emotions are settled, the mind has a little peace, then we can be tolerated, be able to look wide, and let go of the sorrows and resentments in the past. Looking back, the past passed like a virtual dream, there was nothing to hold, suddenly we no longer wanted to persist. Therefore, it is not time that can heal the wounds of the heart, but it is because of our mind that we will never let go.

When we are too preoccupied with a problem, the thoughts in our minds are going around and around, just like being caught by an invisible rope and unable to get out of its scope. Therefore, we can no longer see anything new, and feel any better. Just like when we look at a small angle of view of the camera and rush to a conclusion about the whole thing. While such a tiny corner of the image cannot tell the whole truth, sometimes even distorts it, and the false conclusion can completely distort the true story.

Always moving and changing is the rule of the universe, of life. Knowing that we will understand that everything happened for a reason. We will no longer see something too important, no longer resentment when we can't achieve something, or miserable when losing what you love.

Let it go! It is not trying to forget, to ignore, to be resentful, to find a way to escape, but to use a normal mind to face it. We no longer want to control everything. It is no longer necessary to force things to happen according to our own will. When a thing goes, we can be calm because we understand "this has done its job in our lives, out of grace, will have to go".

When the mind is large, tolerant, and wise enough, one day, looking back on things that you once suffered, you can calmly smile and see how they were small, petty, and not worth making us suffer from the pain a for a long time. Like someone once told me: "When you come from an ant to become an elephant, the big stone once blocked the road and you could not overcome it, it turned out to be just a tiny grain of sand under your heel".

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