Let Success Pull You In And Not Push You Out

What is it that everyone strives for in life? Most individuals shape a path that might lead them to riches or a family of their own, or maybe what others seek out is a deep enlightenment through personal choice of religion. In any scenario that unfolds, the main goal in any normal human beings life is success. Let success not translate to a selfish or greedy desire of accomplishment, but a favorable outcome that we all hope to attain. To attain these goals we need to see what paves the way for success; and that is determination and motivation. There are two types of motivation, and if we truly want our own arrival of fame, we need to see how to get there.

Push Factors

I have always found it challenging to bring myself to lifting weights. There is a great pleasure in doing cardio exercise, such as basketball, jogging, and the occasional Insanity workout by Sean T. However, no matter how much enjoyment I get from participating in these activities I always dread lifting weights. The same goes for dieting. It is always difficult to apply willpower to do certain things that we do not want to do but sometimes need to do. These are what I consider push factors of motivation. Push factors of motivation are always leading to failure. Think about this to yourself. Apply it to anything you want and really be honest with yourself in the results of you pushing yourself. Now let us entice our minds to things that we want to do! Imagine yourself being on a beach or surrounded by the riches of your desire. Think of any goal in mind that you want in your life, something that brings you true happiness. These are your pull factors of motivation.

Pull Factors

What is the one thing you have always wanted to accomplish? After you thought about it, think about how much easier you would accomplish it over something you need to push yourself to get. I will give you a personal example. I am a student who loathes school in almost every possible way. My first semester in school I was majoring in media advertising. I dream of becoming an actor. School was dreadful and it was a drag to get myself out of bed. So I changed my major to theater performance and now find myself with wonderful grades. Of course I had to apply myself to my classes and “push” myself, but the main factor was that my motivation pulled me into succeeding.
The main difference between push and pull motivations is willpower. Willpower is an incredible ability to obtain, but if you truly think about it, willpower will ultimately fail.

Let Success Pull You In

Let’s do this, guys and gals! I want all of us to focus on what we want most in life and to let that be the sole motivating factor to help us achieve it. The power to allow it to pull us in and using it to push ourselves can be the access to success for whatever you want.

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