College football is, by far, my favorite sport. Growing up, I loved watching THE Ohio State Buckeyes tear up the field; the intensity of the game was all too exciting. Hell, when they played Virginia Tech, I was secretly rooting for the Buckeyes. I love everything about college football: the passion, the grit, the excitement, the high you get from standing in a crowd of students, all cheering for a select few: the celebrities in the middle. I do believe that Michael Vick is one of the most talented football players, and quarterbacks, that Virginia Tech has ever seen.

That being said, Michael Vick deserves to be in the VT Hall of Fame. Virginia Tech would not have had an undefeated season in 1999 if it weren’t for Vick (ESPN). Virginia Tech would have never had a Heisman Trophy Finalist, and potential winner, if it weren’t for Michael Vick (Bleacher Reports). He was a rookie red shirt who proved himself to be an unstoppable member of the football team and a shining star for the draft.

What Michael Vick did was wrong, 100 percent. The senseless cruelty and abuse of animals is never excusable and will always be morally wrong. He paid his time, served his crime, and will eventually pay for his wrong doings in the end... but we are talking about football.

I ask the 90,000 people who signed these petitions, with arms up in air, about why they believe that HE, of all people, should not be inducted. Because he is a bad man? Because he hurt animals? Because he fucked up? How is that any different from OJ Simpson or any other athlete who has committed a crime, and still is immortalized in the hall of fame? You are right, not shit. You can’t deny that fact that this man was, and is, a superstar.

For his football achievements alone, we should honor him as Virginia Tech football fans and as a fellow Hokie.