41 Lessons I've Learned From My Boyfriend
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42 Lessons I've Learned From My Boyfriend That Proves Not All Boys Go To Jupiter To Get More Stupider

Because my man is definitely not stupid. Here is a list of 42 life lessons I've learned in just 1 year of dating a man with a degree!

42 Lessons I've Learned From My Boyfriend That Proves Not All Boys Go To Jupiter To Get More Stupider
Marissa Chappell

2So it's safe to say boyfriends do so much more than show you what love is, make you laugh and play video games.

He encourages me to conquer every day one by one. He shows me hard work pays off, and a positive attitude turns life from black and grey to PINK with pizza. And finally, he never tries to change who I am and rather pushes me to be the best I can be, motivating me to be confident and happy.

As you graduate college and move onto more significant job opportunities and new obstacles, you are going to learn a whole lot about yourself. What drives you, what challenges you, and what your goals are from here on out. While you are going through this transition, all I ask is that you continue to teaching me the everyday lessons you are learning about not only yourself, but life. My goal is to be as knowledgeable as you when it's my turn to walk across the stage. I dont just want to know how to spend my time wisely or how to be excited to wake up and with a long day of work ahead of me. I want you to teach me the little things. Like how to pack a good, nutritious lunch or rolling your shorts creates more room in your drawer.

So 365 days and a degree later you have managed to teach me 42 valuable life lessons that I will hold onto for a lifetime. Aside from your cleverness, you have become my best friend in these 365 days and I am so glad that I was able to witness my best friend entering a new stage in his life. I cant wait to watch you live out your dreams learning and growing everyday, while be the happiest person I have ever met.

So, without further ado, here is my final list of the 42 most valuable lessons I have learned for my boyfriend throughout the past year!

 Life is too short for negativity...

Eg. Bird poops on your beach chair, laugh it off before washing it off

 ...And stressing is a waste of time 

Making your bed is key to a good day

Life just feels more put together with a made bed

Exercise really does make the mind think better

Always leave the shower curtain open after you've showered

This way it can dry, prevents molding... who knew?!

Olive oil is best for cooking. Not vegetable, canola, or tanning oil. 

Apparently all oils have different boiling points, so I've learned

Crush your plastic bottles down to create more room in the recycling can

Always have an empty dishwasher before you start cooking

That way it'll be quick and painless to refill especially if you are as messy of cooks as we are!

It is never not a good time for pizza

Pizza with soup, pizza with pasta, even pizza with your morning coffee... it's all the same

Italian seasoning, lemon, and garlic can make any meal go from okay to scrumptious

If you didn't make a mess, did you really cook?

Always dry your toothbrush after using it, otherwise it'll leave grossness in the cup 

Sunsets are 10X prettier when your together

Distance does make the heart grow fonder 

Talking to strangers doesn't always have to be scary 

It is possible to sneak 4 slices of pizza into a movie theater

...and a few cupcakes.

Don't like your seats at a sporting event? Just go to customer service and they'll get you new ones

Always cut the wick of your candles before using them and throughout their lifespan 

This will assure your candle has the longest lifespan possible

Bouncers aren't as tough as they appear to be...

...And football players are just really big teddy bears

A kitchen isn't clean without a clean microwave

The microwave can be easy to forget but it is one of the dirtiest appliances in your kitchen, so make sure you are cleaning it just as much as you are cleaning the stove top

For your man- blue suit pants and a white button down make a HOT date outfit

Trying new things is fun if your doing it together

Whether it's right up your alley or totally out of your comfort zone, trying something new helps to create a healthy and happier relationship

Walking endless miles is New York with a torn MCL is possible

But sitting in a cramped theater with small seats isn't

Your future begins now.

Sure you might still be in college taking 6 classes, but apply for the internship, start saving your money and don't be afraid or lazy to try something new. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will give you a jump start on your post-college life.

Cursing is trashy...

...and manners are classy

Being hard working is cool...

...and bad grades drool

Strive for what you feel is impossible

Family is everything

Literally everything.


I am notorious for getting out of the shower soaking wet and turning the bathroom into a kids blow up pool.

Little portions, big prices, not worth it

Stick to pizza

Shoes are dirty, put them in a plastic bag before packing them 

And with that... NEVER trust your boyfriend to pack your shoes

Why split a bottle of wine, when you can have your own?

Wild Wings> Buffalo Wild Wings 

Can't believe I am admitting to this

The little things mean the most

From getting a morning smooch on the head to saying "I love you" every night before bed, those are the things that mean the most.

Putting chap stick next to your bed, reminds you to put it on every night

A packed cooler is a necessity for a perfect beach day

Load that thing up

It's not impossible to be on crutches and be under an umbrella

...as long as someone else is holding the umbrella

Embarrassment leads to laughter

Even when he sings "Nothing can stop me I'm all the way up" as soon as someone presses to the highest floor in the elevator.

A silver pleather skirt can indeed lead you to the man of your dreams

And loving you makes me the luckiest girl in the world!


So there you have it. Find yourself a man like mine who wants to help you grow, rather than change who you are.

Cheers to all the 2018 & 2019 graduates!

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