Lessons Learned From 14 People, Even During 2020 - One Of The Hardest Years Ever
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Lessons Learned From 14 People, Even During 2020 - One Of The Hardest Years Ever

"No matter how hard you kick, no matter how high you get, you can't go all the way around."
John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

Unsplash via Buse Doga Ay

Yeah, 2020 SUCKED! The election stuff was nuts, COVID -19 stuff is crazy, the protests are demanding change - 2020 has been a crazy year. I really wanted to see if anyone had learned any interesting lessons this year, hopefully positive ones? Here are lessons I gathered that people told me that they learned:

1. "Sometimes you have to get over your pride. My job/field was shut down since March and stopped paying me so I had to take as an aide for a bit and it was a lot for me to put my pride aside and just take a job for money til our school reopened. I didn't like the 60% pay cut and that I was doing a job you didn't need a degree for but I have a masters. It ended up being great, I was getting out of the house so my mental health, relationships, and anxiety was getting better plus I was getting enough of socialization safely so I didn't feel a need to go out much more."

2. "That there's 2 sides to every story."

3. "That nobody is safe lol."

4. "Not really doing anything for my bday (because of covid)...It was hard but I eventually accepted it."

5. "Thats what she said."

6. "Family can be toxic to your growth."

7. "That there's 2 sides to every story."

8. "The world is much farther away from getting fixed than I thought."

9. "Lesson learned-stock up on cleaning supplies to be ready for anything."

10. "Not everyone is going to like you."

11. "The older I get, I feel like it's harder to control certain things about my body. Like I can definitely say this year, Iv'e been to the doctors more in my life that I've ever been and I can definitely say my mental health was a challenge this year. It's definitely one of those hard pills you have to swallow as you get older, but now looking back at some of the situations and seeing that I was able to get better makes me realize that not everyone has the choice to get better so it makes me grateful."

12. "Having and dealing with migraines and going through everyday life with them."

13. "Just power through it! There is always gonna be good days and bad days."

14. And mine is "A hard lesson I learned this year for me for example is that everyone will not like you- those who judge you negatively are not important - it's the ones that truly know you who know your character and accept you - I know I'm weird but I have people that love me for me!"

Lesson learned, guys!

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