The Lehigh Bucket List

The Lehigh Bucket List

A few of the things you should do during your four years at Lehigh.

Every school has some kind of bucket list — a list of random fun and whacky things to do before your four years are up. Whether you're an incoming freshman just trying to figure out a little more about the school, or you're a senior getting ready to leave, here are a few things you should do while you're at Lehigh:

1. Swim in a fountain.

Especially on the hot first few days of the semester, taking a dip in one of the fountains on campus is a must! There are fountains in front of Packard, Wilbur and Chandler-Ullman.

2. Hike to the Bethlehem Star.

There really isn't too much to do in the surrounding town of Bethlehem. So, if you're ever looking for something to do with your friends, spending a Saturday hiking in the woods behind Lehigh. You'll end up at the Bethlehem star with an amazing view.

3. Le-Laf.

Whether or not you actually like football, attending any part of Le-Laf week and the game itself is a must during your four years at Lehigh. It's a huge tradition with the rivalry dating back now 150 years! The atmosphere is intense, people are having fun, and it's a really good time.

4. Hangout with your professors.

Lehigh professors are incredible. They are beyond intelligent, and when you take the time to talk to them outside of class, you will find them to be caring people who really have the most interesting stories. Definitely try to spend some time with a professor outside of class. You'll learn more than you ever thought you would.

5. Go abroad.

Lehigh has some incredible study abroad opportunities. The program list and choice options are extensive, meaning there's something for everyone. Spend some time to travel for a semester or even just a summer. It's one of the best experiences you will have.

6. Do Mocos.

Lehigh has this ridiculous tradition of Mocos, or Morning Cocktails, before football games in the fall. Students dress in whacky outfits wearing tutus, things like neon leggings or animal costumes. It's unique to Lehigh, and even if you don't want to drink at 9 a.m. on a Saturday, get yourself up, get dressed up and go for the experience.

Lehigh is an incredible school and place. With only four years to enjoy it, try everything and make the most of it while you can.

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13 Expectations For Your 21st Birthday, As Told By New Girl

"Can we just take a moment to celebrate me?"

97 babies... this is our year! This year will be full of celebrating 21st birthdays... I don't think anyone's liver is quite prepared for this year.

1. 97 Babies... it's our year

The year that the babies born in 97 are finally 21! So many drunk nights in our future celebrating the birthdays of our friends.

2. Waking up on your birthday

You only turn 21 once... gotta make sure everyone is aware that it's your birthday.

3. Your underage friend

Their day will come... the least they can do is at least make sure you don't die... right? They know you'd do the same for them.

4. Walking into the bar

5. Ordering your first drink

Not feeling picky... just bring me anything with alcohol in it!

6. Drinking with your older friends

As the baby of the friend group, you're excited to be drinking in the bar with all of your friends... while they've already had years of this experience.

7. Finally 21 with your best friend

Years of being the DD are over... now you won't have to get out of your bed at 2 am to go get your friends because you'll be stumbling right next to them walking home.

8. Drunk and hungry

*Someone asks if you want another drink*

9. Late night decisions

If you keep drinking, you can't get a hangover... right?

10. After 1:30 am

It's getting close to closing time yet you're still getting drinks handed to you.

11. Reality of getting home

You'll say you jumped out of a moving car... they'll say you fell out of the car when it was parked... tomatoe tomato

12. The morning after

The day after will be a rough one

13. Seeing friends the day after

Let's be real... we probably look as bad as we feel.

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10 Things You Will Always Remember As A Viz Grad

"Visitation, we thy daughters..."

I'd imagine that most, if not all, Visitation Academy grads would say that Viz were some of the best years of their lives. Whether you were there your whole life or just for high school, Viz created some long-lasting memories. From small things like the daily morning prayers and singing the school song, to big events like JBDs, Viz/Priory, Spirit Week, and Carnival (R.I.P), there was always things that seemed special just to our school. Viz provided an atmosphere that meant so much more than just attending an academically rigorous high school. Perhaps the best thing Viz gave us is the amazing group of women we can call our lifelong friends. Viz, this is for you.

1. How cringe-worthy your 7th-grade line dance was.

2. How seriously everyone took Spirit Week.

3. Playing tug-of-war with other classes on Field Day.

4. How it seemed every day in February was rumored to be JBD.

5. How you could create your own Vivette on Viz's website.

6. The last day of senior year.

7. The feeling when you did your 12-second curtsy and nailed it.

8. How no one in Viz's history ever seemed to nail the Maypole ceremony.

9. How your college friends looked at you when you told them you graduated in a wedding dress.

10. The pride you feel when your younger sisters, friends, or cousins graduate.

Cover Image Credit: Visitation Academy//Facebook

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