6 Of The Cutest Reasons Lees-McRae Is The Most Dog Friendly Campus
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6 Of The Cutest Reasons Lees-McRae Is The Most Dog Friendly Campus

Literally just cute pictures of dogs to brighten up your day

6 Of The Cutest Reasons Lees-McRae Is The Most Dog Friendly Campus
Meagan Shapiro

Arguably the best thing about the small liberal arts school hidden in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Lees-McRae College, is that fact that it is one of the few dog-friendly campuses in the country.

With three dorm buildings, on-campus apartments, and on-campus houses boasting pet-friendly merits, it was no surprise when LMC was voted the second most pet-friendly campus in the entire nation. So with that, let's meet our lovable, furry, classmates.

1. Rugar Dean, Commuter

Age: 4

Part-time volunteer and a full-time good boy. This pup volunteers at local schools by helping them practice fluency! Rugar Dean loves cuddles, mom, and most importantly eating everything!

2. Coco, Back Campus

Age: 4

She has the energy of a pup but naps like an old doggo. She enjoys being outside rolling in the grass and is a pro at destroying her BarkBox toys till she finds the squeaker. Her favorite food is her dog food with spaghetti on top!!

3. Summit, Commuter

Age: 1

She loves playing with her brother and her purple gorilla toy. She’s afraid of pretty much anything. When on campus she likes playing with campus pal Declan and hanging on the couch in the Presbyterian room!

4. Mollie, Baldwin Resident Hall

Age: 4

This is Mollie Wogg. She is a 3-year-old rescue beagle/terrier mix and this is her second year at Lees-Mcrae. She loves cows and will lick you to death!

5. Daisy, McMillan Residence Hall

Age: 6

Daisy is a very excitable fireball of a dog that barely sits still!! Daisy is very persistent and requires that each person she meets must pet her. She knows at least 14 tricks (if I counted right) with some of her "cooler" ones being play dead, bow, wave, high five, sit pretty, roll over, etc. She will be 7 in February.

6. Astra, Back Campus

Age: 2

Astra is one of the most popular and beloved dogs on campus, people just cannot get enough of her pretty blue eyes! When she's not stealing his bed, she loves playing and spending time with her Dad!

7. Mr. Whiskers

Age: 8

Mr. Whiskers isn't a dog, but he likes to pretend he is one. He weighs too much and his favorite activity is eating.

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