Leave Barron Trump Out Of It
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Leave Barron Trump Out Of It

. . . because he didn't ask to be put in this position.

Leave Barron Trump Out Of It
Family First

Being a kid has its ups and downs. We’ve all been there.We know what it’s like. Through into the mix growing up in the public eye, and it gets even more confusing than it already is. But when your father is the leader of the Free World? Well, that’s a whole different ball game. Such is the case of 10-year-old Barron Trump.

Even before President Trump’s inauguration, Barron Trump has been placed under scrutiny a number of times, most of them totally uncalled for. Many of these claims aimed at a child are completely uncalled for. In 2016, for example, Rosie O’Donnell posted a video on Twitter suggesting that young Barron could be autistic. Because Rosie O'Donnell is completely qualified to make this type of claim, right? This tweet prompted accusations of bullying on O’Donnell’s part, due to the lack of factual information surrounding her claim. There has been absolutely no suggestion made by Donald or Melania Trump indicating that their 10-year-old has any type of disability.

A number of others in the public eye of made negative comments about the youngest Trump. SNL writer Katie Rich tweeted that Barron Trump “will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.” While SNL is known for its satire, statements like this just branch off the bullying accusations directed toward other celebrities. Not only that, but this particular statement is completely invalid. How would Barron Trump be “this country’s first homeschooled shooter” if he isn’t even homeschooled? The entire reason he and the First Lady have not moved into the White House is to keep him at his school in New York. Nice try, though, Katie.

Additionally, Modern Family actress Julie Bowen posted a number of tweets in reference to Barron Trump’s behavior at his father’s inauguration on January 20.These comments ranged from “I think Barron Trump is on his came boy. Can’t say I blame him,” to “Barron, a voting majority shares in your horror,” following a hashtag #BarronForPresident. Where these comments really necessary?

Although each of these incidents gained a number of likes and shares, they also resulted in accusations of bullying. While President Trump may not be popular among every voter in the United States (or across the globe, for that matter), questionable comments with no valid references aimed at a ten-year-old is completely uncalled for. He is, after all, only ten. Considering this, he held himself extremely well at his father's inauguration (including the few seconds he was seen playing with his nephew - adorable!). Let’s stop scrutinizing Barron Trump’s young life, and let him be a kid. Instead, I would suggest people in the public eye use their voices to represent a more positive outlet, rather than poring over a 10-year-old boy who never asked to be placed in the position he’s in. Regardless of whether you voted for President Trump, leave his young child out of the picture.

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