Things I Learned From Working At A Pool
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Things I Learned From Working At A Pool

Things I Learned From Working At A Pool

Everyone has those jobs that last through the summers between high school years and some college years, working at the local Dairy Whip and farming help. One of the most commons one is working at a pool. I have worked at a pool for the last three years and while it has had its ups and downs, it was a good first job. Here is a couple things you know if you work at a pool.

1. Hot days are the worst.

Hot days are good day, except when you're working. Sitting in the sweltering heat with it being muggy about it? The worst.

2. You find interesting ways to entertain yourself.

Nothing is better for the imagination than the days where you aren't that busy at all or when you just need something to pass the time.

3. You get to know new people.

When you work 9 hour days, you get to know people. It can people from different towns or from your own school. Even if you don't keep in touch over the rest of the year, you have some friends once summer comes around again.

4. You have some great laughs.

I laughed so hard I've cried. Sitting around the concessions on break with people telling stories and jokes is the best.

5. You suddenly become great at math.

Since I work in concessions, I have become great at adding up totals in my head and giving out change. I wasn't the greatest in math, but I can give change.

6. Everyone picks on one another.

It's just something that happens. There is nothing malicious behind it, just some good old sibling like teasing.

7. Stories are told.

Some of the most interesting stories are the ones I have heard at the pool.

8. You get interesting customers.

This isn't always bad. These can be the customers that make you laugh and brighten your day.

9. When you get called off, it's a blessing.

Sure, it means less money but it feels good to know you don't have to come in.

10. Rainy days are a blessing.

Even if you don't close the pool for the day, it can be a refreshing break.

11. You have some great memories.

The memories are something you tell all year.

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