As humans, we all go through periods where there are nothing but good days, and there are some periods where we seem to only have bad days. In addition, there are definitely times when there are days that are not bad, but they are not good days either. Recently, it seems like I have had several "bad" days and a lot of hindrances to my everyday life. I know that life is not always like this, but it has definitely felt this way for a few weeks.

The truth is that we all have some hard weeks sometimes. We go through some seasons of change. Honestly, these "seasons of change" actually suck. Man, I have learned so much in these few weeks, but it does not change the fact that the days are hard. For myself personally, I have had a lot of physical obstacles in just a month's time. Literally every obstacle somehow was a huge hindrance to my education. Since I am a music major and voice is my primary instrument, everything going on prevented me from singing the way I need to sing. First, I had a horrible cough that lasted over a month, and it was so bad that I could sing to my full ability. While this was going on, I actually coughed so much that I pulled a muscle in my rib. (I needed that muscle for singing). As soon as that muscle got better, I ended up in the hospital twice for a horrible and severe allergic reaction to something. Needless to say, those days were very hard. I spent the entire time worrying because I could not work on school as much.

While all of this was happening, I never once thought that it was a part of God's perfect plan. I never thought that He made me go through these illnesses. Even though I know it wasn't from him, God used those bad situations to create something good. In short, I learned how to overcome. In the past, I would have given up. For me, it may have been a season of bad events, but it was also a season of overcoming the hard stuff. After all of this is over, I know that I will be able to sing fully to my ability. I love to sing very much, so it makes me happy knowing that I will be able to do this again. It has given me an appreciation for music even more than I already do.

Even though the past few weeks were not my favorite, it does not mean that it is a bad semester or bad year. It was just a little bit of negative events in a great year!