The Reason I’m Optimistic Is Not Because I’m Young
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The Reason I’m Optimistic Is Not Because I’m Young

Never stop stoking the fire

The Reason I’m Optimistic Is Not Because I’m Young
Holland Houghton

In your teen to twenties is prime time for someone to decide to say these phrases to you;

"You need to focus more on your future."

"It seems easy and fun now but wait until your my age."

"I use to be like you when I was younger but now I have to be an adult."

All our generation does is freak out and stress about the future. What we're going to do for a job? Where are we going to live? What can be do to be the most successful?

Well let me tell you what you can do; first of all STOP LIVING IN EVERY MOMENT BUT THE PRESENT.

The main reason why so many of us lose our sense of optimism isn't because we're getting older, it is because we allow ourselves to start thinking about everything else and stop thinking about what makes us happy. Then after a long period of time getting worn down from neglecting your happiness, you become everything but optimistic.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with having a plan, but don't let yourself get dragged out of living in the present. Just know everything will work out, I mean it. If we all had a little more faith it would be such a less stressful world.

My mom at age 57 after her divorce decided to go live in Utah, where she pursued art and skiing. Yeah she doesn't drive a Mercedes or live in a mansion, but she does absolutely love being out there. She never lost sight of having optimism.

So to all you optimistic people out there keep doing what you're doing! Everyone else just start everyday to allow yourself to indulge in your own happiness. From there just worry less about tomorrow and start living for the day. The more we make time to make ourselves happier the faster our lives will actually come together.


It is okay to dream. It is okay to reach for the stars. And it is okay to be optimistic.

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