"Enjoy college because it goes by fast,” is one of the most annoying but truest statements I have ever heard.

It feels like just yesterday I was preparing for high school graduation, yet now it’s April and I’m in my dorm room packing up everything.

It’s crazy to think there is only a week left of my freshmen year, just seven days.

Months ago, I stepped onto this campus as a lost little freshman, now it is my last week here and it is so crazy. All I have left this semester is 4 finals. Just 4 more tests.

I registered for next year’s classes and it is so hard to believe that I will be a sophomore at Mississippi State. As I was at my hall meeting last night, learning about the checkout process for my dorm, I realized how everything has flown by.

From those long weeks I thought would never end to the weekends with new friends that just weren’t long enough.

All I can think about is how fast everything went by. I just moved into my dorm with a stranger who became one of my best friends. And lived next to two crazy, but fun girls, who I couldn’t imagine freshmen year without.

I just ran home to my amazing sisters.

I just learned how to do my own laundry.

All of these things feel like they just happened last week, not eight months ago.

Freshman year is a fun and crazy new experience. You get to start over from high school and be whoever you want. You get to be on your own. You get to learn about yourself and you learn what you can actually do when you don’t have your parents holding your hand.

I still have three years left that I’m excited to have and see what they will bring to me. But I’m just little sad that I won’t be a freshman anymore.

I won’t get to use the excuse that “I don’t know, I’m just a freshman” or get to be the baby of campus.

College has passed all my expectations. MSU is my home away from home. I have so many friends that I know will be in my wedding and we will be friends the rest of my life. I have memories that I know I will tell my kids about when I’m older.

As I head back home for the summer I am so excited to see my friends and family. I am also sad to leave my amazing friends here for three months. Even though it’s just for a short period of time, I cannot imagine not seeing their bright and smiley faces every day.

Even though this is the end of freshmen year, we all still have so many memories and fun experiences to look forward to. So come on Sophomore year, we are ready.