18 Nostalgic Things People Raised In The Late 90s-Early 2000s Remember
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18 Nostalgic Things People Raised In The Late 90s-Early 2000s Remember

Ooh we're throwing it back.

18 Nostalgic Things People Raised In The Late 90s-Early 2000s Remember

The nostalgia of these products are through the roof. Especially number 13.

Though there are some "girly products", boys, you'll remember a lot of these things too.

1. Moon Shoes

Laura Legends//YouTube

These were so clunky but so cool! The "original" moon shoes came out in the 1970s and were deemed incredibly dangerous because they were made out of metal. Nickelodeon created a "kid friendly" version in 1992. However, they're still seen as dangerous because of the bands.

2. Lip Smacker Gloss


,We all loved these!! Every flavor tasted so good and this was the closest thing we wore to fancy liquid gloss. I think my favorite flavor was the watermelon one. Remember the roll-ons, too? Wasn't a fan. The brand Lip Smackers has been around since 1973. The liquid gloss was released in 2003.

3. Water Wigglers

Thewonderland Kids//YouTube

They're still around today, but EVERYONE used to have one.

4. Polly Pocket


These were EVERYTHING. I have all of these... and so much more.

Kind of odd, but ladies, do ya'll remember chewing on the shoes and purses? Don't lie, I know you do.

5. Betty Spaghetty


I literally forgot these even existed. Released in 1998, the Betty Spaghetty dolls were discontinued due to loss of popularity in 2004. They were re-released in 2007 with a new look, but were again discontinued a year later due to lack of sales.

6. Bobby Jack


I swear I owned so many of these shirts. Bobby Jack was an icon. Bobby Jack came out in 2002 and is still around. The monkey still looks like the original!

7. Mighty Beanz


I used to think these were so cool and almost like magic... until I figured out how they tipped over. I mean, they had a little weight at the bottom. Nonetheless, they were fun to play with, and the little track was pretty cool to tip them on. These came out in 2002. They were discontinued in 2006 and then relaunched in 2010 with new beanz including beanz centered around TV shows and accessories.

8. Heelys

Bayside Blades//YouTube

I remember being in school and having to take out the wheels because everyone was skating down the hall. It had a little tool to pop them out and a cover to put on. I honestly want to buy them again. These came out in 2000 and are still around!

9. Lisa Frank

Toy Caboodle//YouTube

Lisa Frank's coloring books and stickers were a vibe. You weren't cool unless you owned something Lisa Frank. Lisa Frank founded Lisa Frank Incorporated in 1979 and peaked in the 90s. She is still active with her products.

10. Rubber Ball Spike Earrings


Claire's had these everywhere; the ones with the little designs and the ones that didn't and were just colorful.

I never wore these, but so many people did. I'm honestly not sure why.

11. CD Walkman


Oh, the good old days. I had this exact Walkman, and I loved it.

For those of you who don't know, which if you're reading this I assume you do, you open your Walkman, put a CD, plug in your headphone or earbuds and go about your day. The CD Walkman came out in 1999 and was at the time called a Discman, until Sony changed it to CD Walkman in the late 90s.

12. Bug Juice

The Review Spot//YouTube

THIS JUICE HIT DIFFERENT. Bring it back please! Bug Juice was recalled due to, "process deviations that may have resulted in contamination by plastic or metal shavings, which could be harmful if consumed."

13. Wonder Ball


I remember the chocolate being so good and the candies as well. Now, there's different themed candies as well. Remember the commercials for them? The original Wonder Ball, which came out in the mid 1990s, had toys in them and were discontinued is 1997 because it was seen as a choking hazard. However, Wonder Ball replaced the toy inside with candy and was re-released in 2000.

14. Nik-L-Nip

JaeYeol ASMR//YouTube

I don't understand why these are a thing, but I loved them. You can still find these around! Chewing on the wax is the best part. Nik-L-Nip came out in the early 20th century and has been around since.

15. Yogos


I COMPLETELY forgot about these!!! They were so good and such an efficient grab-and-go snack. These came out in the mid 2000s but were discontinued due to sales in 2011.

16. Tamagotchi

Retro Dodo//YouTube

Tamagotchi's were HUGE back then, and just about everyone had one on their backpacks. I mean, a pocket pet you can play with anywhere? Yes, please! These are still around too! Tamagotchi came out in 1996 and are still present.

17. iPod Classic


I never had one, but I had my fair share of mp3 players that were very similar.

Remember using Limewire to download your music? Oh, the virus days. The iPod Classic came out in 2001 and had 5 other generations. The iPod classic was discontinued in 2014.

18. iDog


Plugging your iPod into a dog that could dance, light up and be a speaker? UM, YES. Apple, bring this OG back.

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