For a lot of people, 2018 was a bit rough but it was also a year of learning lessons and new things. Now it is 2019 and people are ready for the New Year and are making resolutions for themselves. In order to make resolutions for 2019, we need to look back at what we learned in 2018. The best thing about a new year is you get to change your life based on the year prior. So, here are ten things I learned during the year of 2018.

1. Sometimes the costs never end


In 2018, my car kept on needing to be fixed and that gets very pricey, in fact, right at the end of 2018 it finally crashed and now I am looking to pay for a new one. There were college costs and parking tickets/speeding tickets (moral of that story is park where you should and don't speed, kids). It seemed like once I saved up money it had to go towards something but that is life because most things cost money and money doesn't grow on trees.

2. Somethings just don't go your way


There were a lot of changes within in my college career that was out of my control. For most of my college career, I planned to study abroad but then found out my classes up there were canceled. That was a big bummer but on the bright side, it allowed me to graduate sooner than planned. It showed that no matter how much you plan for something, it doesn't always work out or go your way and that's okay.

3. Not everyone is going to like you


I was somebody who always wanted to get along with everyone but there are some people who just don't want to get along with you and that's okay. The best thing you can do is kill them with kindness because it doesn't say anything against you and you should never change yourself. The real friends are the ones that are going to like you for you.

4. You should always find time to do the things you love


On top of work, school and other responsibilities, it is hard to enjoy your hobbies because you can't find time for it. Whether it is reading a book, going on a hike or for me, writing. Sometimes you need to find ways to make time for it or else, you feel like you have lost apart of yourself.

5. Family and friends are more important than anything


Money and stress can cause people to shy away and shut people out and it is important to not shut out your loved ones because compared to them money and stress is nothing. Yes, it is real but it is the least important thing in your life.

6. You should fight for what you believe in


You should fight for what you believe in even if others don't believe the same as you do. I am not saying go out and start some fights but use your voice and whatever platform you have even if it is small. Nothing will ever change unless you do something about it. Even if you think you are little old you, you are capable of more than you know.

7. Open your mind and learn new things


Recently, I have been interested in learning about different religions and different ideas. No matter what your religion is, it's okay to open your mind and learn about other ones. Our brains are capable of more than we use and it is important to expand them with information and learn new things. It forms us into the people we are and can help you find you are.

8. Remember the little things


During stressful times you can get in a funk and that is when it is important to remember all the good things such as family and friends. Small trips you have taken, how pretty nature is or listening to your favorite bands and watching your favorite movies. It is the little things in life that make us the happiest.

9. Travel as much as you can


It is important to see more than what it around you. Even if it is small trips like hiking or visiting a town that is somewhat near you. Even though I didn't get to study abroad, I used a little bit of money to travel to New Orleans which was amazing. Traveling can help you find a bit of yourself, especially when you are in college because maybe you will come across somewhere you will want to settle down in.

10. You don't have to fight your battles alone


A lot of people like to keep their problems hidden and fight their battles alone because they are afraid of people knowing that they have them. That can work for a while but if you keep things locked in, it begins to eat away at you. You won't believe the relief you feel when you share your battles with at least one person. It helps a lot to have somebody to talk to whether it is a parent or a friend. I understand the feeling of need to keep it locked in but you don't have to and it's better when you don't.

I hope you all related to the list and I wish all of you a happy New Year. I hope all of your 2019 resolutions come true. Work hard and love harder. Remember to take care of yourself because that is where you will find the most improvements. Don't lose your happiness to stress and live your year to the fullest.

Happy 2019 everyone.