Last Week Of Summer Blues

Last Week Of Summer Blues

Thinking of the school year flourishing while summer is slowly dying, as a memory, is making my soul weep.


Due dates, exams, labs, homework, and teachers who don't know what they are teaching: this is what will happen soon to young adults across the country. This, along with Monday through Friday schedule packed with early classes, boring classes, and those that are just too difficult but are mandatory for the degree. If you are lucky you may only have a few days in the week, or took a lighter load, but for many it's the opposite. The struggle of getting enough sleep is causing me to go through hibernation in my last week of summer as a last ditch attempt to reverse my curse of eye bags during the semester. I'm working on getting enough exercise, water, and healthy food before I go on a three month binge of late nights in the library, pizza rolls and Monster energy drinks.

Do you have a social life? Well, kiss that good-bye and welcome in loneliness and misery. Instead of having fun or going to parties, you will be studying organic chemistry at three in the morning, running on a 5 Hour Energy and possibly another to fuel you for the exam. Your bad habits will become the ones that save your grades. The late nights and cramming will be just the edge you need to do well and get that degree closer being yours.

You feel like you become a different person when the semester begins. You hate everyone and everything around you. Pizza rolls no longer taste good, but you eat them to save on groceries. Your body is tired all the time, and no amount of power naps seem to cure it. Your face is permanently in bitch mode, and you can't seem to get your skin cleared up like it was in the summer. You wonder if college is really for you and if it's all worth it. You will feel like you want to quit and that you are sinking into a dark hole.

With all the negatives, there is one positive: summers are endless, but this pain is temporary. There are plenty more summers ahead and breaks in the semester. As long as you fight through it now, you can enjoy the reward later of having that piece of paper and hopefully a job after. However, after all the hard work, you move on to a full-time job, which itself is already a nightmare. So for now, worry about the semester and forget the other milestones ahead. Enjoy the last week while you have it!

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