Kunal Bansal Chandigarh helping poor kids

Kunal Bansal Chandigarh helping poor kids

How can a single man can change the fate of thousands of Children in Chandigarh, India.


Kunal Bansal a Chandigarh resident, a hero, a former entrepreneur and a social activist has helped thousands of children to attain necessary education. He is only 31, but the work he is doing is beyond imagination. Kunal Bansal Chandigarh, who has a brown texture and deep black eyes and hairs tells that this color helped him travel freely across India. With his startup which awarded him an earning of $3 Million, everyone was thinking that Kunal Bansal will be one of the most successful businessmen of India. The story which Kunal told us is quite motivating. One fine morning he was on his daily routine of walk when he noticed a 10-year-old Kid begging across the street. That scene devastated him. He went to that child and asked why he is not going to school? The Kid replied: Sir Ji paise Nahi hai ( Sir, I have no money). From that day Kunal Bansal Chandigarh decided to educate such Kids. Firstly, he used to fund Kids who wanted to study but because of their poverty, they weren't able to join a school. He did some maths and the results were depressing. A country with 1 billion people and these numbers are ever increasing, it's hard to change it. In this 1 Billion people only one-third of them can read and write. He also did research to find out the reason behind it. Shortage of teachers was one of them. No doubts, India is a cheap country to stay but still, Kids need some money to buy basic educational stuff such as Books, pencils and copies. A country where people earnings are very low, you can't think of a Big public fund. The bigger problem is in India 50% of schools and educational institutions are allocated towards the people who are financially strong. No doubts, there are reservations but that too is for the lower caste. There are no educational funds or government welfares for economically backward class. So, Kunal thought of an Idea which was going to help thousands of children. He asked help from people on social media and bring it to the ground level.
Now, A team of more than 1500 volunteers gives free classes to kids. They go to slums and meet the parents of those kids. They also go door to door and collect some money if someone is willing to fund. These people also help the Kids to cop up with this technical world. Kunal Bansal says that his ultimate dream is to see India as one of the most educated countries. He doesn't want anyone to starve, he doesn't want anyone to leave their education. He is helping the society for a great cause. He also told us that currently, his foundation is working in Chandigarh, but he is planning to make it happen all over India. We have seen social activists turn businessmen, but Kunal Bansal is the only one around who left his business just to help such Kids. Their smile makes him happy. He is very down to earth person with a motive of changing India. He works in hope maybe one day the government will recognize his work and start some foundation. He wants every child to be an educational geek and help India grow. We wish all the best to Kunal and may his work get recognized by the government. A great solution for a great cause isn't it.

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Cutting Ties With Your Ex Is Everything You Need To Get Through This Breakup

It's not about their feelings. It's about your healing.


The hardest part of a break-up is the change in your routine. It's letting go of the countless hours you have spent making someone a part of your life and having to find someone new to share your day with and watch your favorite shows with.

Breakups can get so blurry along the way and you desperately want to keep in touch and still have them in your life. It's hard to find that balance though. It's hard to find the role that ex-boyfriend/girlfriend should play and how much of a presence they should really have in your life.

We've all been there. I have SO been there. I have had messy breakups where we quit speaking and I have had quiet, peaceful breakups where neither of us could really figure out what to do next. Either way, whether it's a peaceful one, or heart wrenching and mean, the best thing to do for yourself is to not look back.

You have to make it a clean break. If only for a year, but you have to do it. No texts, no calls, no emails. No social media. Avoid Instagram, no Snapchat, no Facebook. You have to turn off the desire to check on them because you're only going to hurt yourself.

So give yourself some time. Delete them from your friends list, not to be mean, but to spare yourself. You probably need to temporarily block them too, if you're someone who will still look up their page.

This is about YOUR healing. It's not about their feelings. It's about taking care of yourself and giving your heart the room to heal, and the best way to do that is to put them in your rearview and keep moving forward, and the BEST way to do that is to cut off all contact. I have had different breakups for different reasons and the ones I always healed from faster were the ones where I couldn't see them or speak to them.

With my last breakup, my ex didn't have social media at all.

He had no Facebook or Instagram to stalk and I was forever grateful for that fact. There was absolutely nothing for me to see. No page to pull up and stare at. No images of him and a new girl in my face. No what-ifs playing in my mind as he goes on about his life. It's as if his life stopped for me completely.

I have no idea what he's doing now, and I am OK with that. I NEED to be OK with that.

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You always do. You always, always do.

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