If You Think We're Friends Because You Follow Me On Social Media, You Actually Don't Know Me At All
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If You Think We're Friends Because You Follow Me On Social Media, You Actually Don't Know Me At All

I'm cooler than my Instagram.

If You Think We're Friends Because You Follow Me On Social Media, You Actually Don't Know Me At All
Marissa Mayer

As an almost twenty-year-old in today's technology-driven society, I can be found on almost all social media platforms.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (we still use this, right?), Snapchat...etc.

As I've said before, social media can destroy real-life relationships. Our generation is so busy tracking down who are following each other, who has blocked who and intentionally sleuthing the entire internet for superficial "clues".

You know exactly what I mean. That one girl in your science class posted a selfie with some sad song lyrics for a caption. What do the words mean? What is she alluding to? You screenshot it and send it to a friend so you can both infer whatever you please from a line or two from some sad country song and a quick snapshot.

We subtweet, we "react," we comment. Subtle hints? Maybe. But that doesn't mean anything. To all of my followers who have heard my name from mutual friends and decided to hit the "follow" button on Instagram, let me tell you, you're only scratching the surface.

Behind all the sweet pictures of my dogs, my family and friends, and a few selfies is a real person. Those pictures and posts are all merely a glimpse into my world. In order to call me a friend, you should know what I'm passionate about. As my friend, you might know some other things like my family background, my faith, my favorite colors/songs/artists...etc. A couple of tweets and hashtags tell you nothing about who I am.

If you want to know something about me, feel free to ask! I'm a very friendly person and you deserve to meet the real me, firsthand. Everything outside of me is merely inferences and rumors until I confirm it as a fact.

So to all the kids who went to rival high schools and followed me because they heard about me from so-and-so, thanks for the follow. We might be friends on Facebook but in real life, I'm nothing more than a stranger to you.

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