The Importance Of Knowing When It's Time To Move On

The Importance Of Knowing When It's Time To Move On

It's time to move on, for good.

I couldn’t tell you the number of times I logged onto Pinterest and searched “moving on quotes.”

I couldn’t tell you the number of times I have so badly wanted to move on, but then there’s that one thing that pops up to remind me of why I should stay.

I couldn’t tell you the number of times I have sat at my laptop and questioned every little thing that led me to today.

It’s time to move on, for good.

“Moving on” is one of those things that looks so easy until you have to actually do it yourself. I mean, think about the number of times you’ve told a friend to move on from their awful boyfriend/girlfriend…

It’s one of those things that is so easy to say to someone else because it’s not directly felt.

You’re not going through the constant questioning emotions that tear you a part for everything you’re worth. You’re not the one who was had to leave, was rejected, or stuck in a limbo state deciding rather to jump ship or continue to cruise along. You’re not the one in the process and need of moving on.

They are…

I can honestly state that moving on is one of the hardest things to do in life. We’re talking about saying goodbye to someone or something that meant a great deal to you. This thing or person brought laughter, joy, and love into your life. Maybe brightened your day when you were feeling down or allowed you to escape from your current reality. Maybe even transformed your perspectives and outlooks on current ideas about life itself. Maybe this person or thing did absolutely nothing wrong, but you know it’s just not going to work out in the end.

Despite how agonizingly hard it may be, you need to know when it’s your time to move on.

You know the feeling – that gut instinct that kicks in or the constant thoughts telling you that it is time to do something new.

It’s kind of a crazy feeling that takes over without a warning. Soon, you’re left thinking that it’s time to try something new. It’s time to leave that friend or significant other behind. It’s time to move on from that job, school, or extracurricular activity that once was fun, but has become more of a chore than anything.

It may not be easy and I know that each journey varies from person to person; however, I believe in you. I know it’s hard. I know you want to pick up the phone and call/text/snap the person who was once a part of your crazy life. You want to see how s/he is doing on Facebook, Instagram, or whatever other site the kids use these days.

You want to go back to the good ole days where all you had to worry about was getting to class on time and not the never-ending pile of bills that sit on the kitchen table. You want to enjoy picking up your computer on a Friday night and crank out a couple of articles for The Odyssey so that your voice can be heard.

It’s hard. It’s so hard thinking that the thing you once loved so much has lost its luster.

You cannot go back. You cannot simply turn back time and re-do everything that went right or wrong. Your life was not meant to be lived in the past; and you simply cannot repeat it (sorry Gatsby), but you cannot—that’s not how life works.

You need to keep moving forward and if that thing or person is keeping you behind, it’s time to let go. It’s time to move on. It’s time to choose to move on.

It won’t happen overnight. Heck! It more than likely won’t happen in 24 hours, unless you are some crazy superhero person who easily moves on...could you share your techniques?

It’s going to take time. It’s going to take patience. It’s going to take some prayers. It’s going to take determination.

Despite how agonizingly hard it may be, you need to know that you’re doing the right thing.

You need to know that you’re strong.

You need to know that you’re not alone.

You need to know that I believe in you and your story.

It will all be worth it in the end, trust me.

Keep fighting and moving on to bigger and better things.

Make today the day you choose to move on, for good.

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Just Because I Check My Boyfriend's Location Every Hour Doesn't Make Me A 'Psycho Girlfriend'

No, checking his location every hour does not make me psycho.

My boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for a few months now. He has come up with describing my actions sometimes as “psycho girlfriend.” As much as this bothered me at first I started to realize there is nothing wrong with my “psycho” actions.

I don’t monitor who my boyfriend hangs out with and I don’t care who he texts, I trust him, but I do watch other things he does.

I probably check his location about once an hour, maybe more if he isn’t texting me back.

This isn’t some way for me to find out if he is with another girl, it’s so I can ensure he isn’t dead in a ditch somewhere. If he was on Snapchat five minutes ago but hasn’t texted me back in 45 minutes, yeah I’ll call him out on it but I'm not actually mad. If he is with friends and not answering me, it’s cool. I just want to be able to make sure I know where he is and that he is alive on a regular basis.

I make him keep his read receipts on for me.

I don’t care if he leaves me on read, I just need to know he is seeing what I’m saying. Half the time, I text him random facts or thoughts I have throughout my day, those don’t always need a response back. However, I do want to know he is acknowledging me through reading my texts.

Yes, from time to time I will spam him and make him respond to my messages so we can make plans or I can know what he is doing with his day but it’s not like I plan out his every move for him or care if he is getting drunk with the boys on a Wednesday, not my issue.

I don’t ask for all of his time or anything. I know he is a busy person. All I ask for him to text me back on a regular basis (once an hour to be exact), for him to allow for me to know where he is at all times and to get one night a week with him.

I don’t plan to show up where he is or anything, I simply just like to know information and get a weekly time with him. I don’t care if I only see him that one night a week, I just want one night with a movie or dinner or snuggles so I can get my boyfriend time.

The rest of the time he is his own person, and I couldn’t really care less about what he does in that time.

Cover Image Credit: Grace Wilkowski

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30 Songs For Every Stage Of Your Post-Breakup Playlist

From the girl-power songs to the cry-yourself-to-sleep songs, this list has everything you need.

When going through a breakup, most people go through "stages." Some of these might be sadness, anger, jealousy, craziness and just general longing. At least for me, these stages don't happen in any real order, and they often jump around from day to day, or even sometimes hour to hour.

Still, no matter what stage you're currently in, you'll be able to relate to the songs on this list.

1. "IDGAF" by Dua Lipa

Cut you off I don't need your love. So you can try all you want, your time is up.

2. "Sorry Not Sorry" by Demi Lovato

Now I'm out here looking like revenge, feelin' like a ten, the best I ever been. And yeah, I know how bad it must hurt to see me like this.

3. "Sleep Without You" by Brett Young

Never thought I would be like this, just wide awake waitin' on a goodnight kiss.

4. "Let Her Go" by Passenger

You see her when you close your eyes. Maybe one day you'll understand why everything you touch surely dies.

5. "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran

Take me into your loving arms. Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars. Place your head on my beating heart.

6. "Only Us" from Dear "Evan Hansen"

What if it's you and what if it's me and what if that's all that we need it to be? And the rest of the world falls away? What do you say?

7. "Words Fail" from "Dear Evan Hansen"

This was just a sad invention, it wasn't real, I know, but we were happy. I guess I couldn't let that go.

8. "Youngblood" by 5 Seconds of Summer

So who you been calling "baby"? Nobody could take my place. When you're looking at those strangers, hope to God you see my face.

9. "Want You Back" by 5 Seconds of Summer

I remember the freckles on your back and the way that I used to make you laugh. 'Cause you know every morning I wake up yeah, I still reach for you.

10. "Amnesia" by 5 Seconds of Summer

If what we had was real, how could you be fine? 'Cause I'm not fine at all.

11. "Bad Liar" by Selena Gomez

I was walking down the street the other day, tryna distract myself, but then I see your face. Oh wait, that's someone else.

12. "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie

I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket, but I've got to get a move on with my life.

13. "Shout Out to My Ex" by Little Mix

Shout out to my ex, you're really quite the man. You made my heart break, and that made me who I am.

14. "Hair" by Little Mix

We're going out, ain't got no worries. Drama now it just seems so funny. Put my hands up in the air I'm like yeah, gotta get him out my hair.

15. "Out Loud" by Gabbie Hanna

Can you tell me where we went wrong? At least tell me just to move on.

16. "Getting Over" You by Lauv

The truth is I could spend my whole life getting over you.

17. "I Fall Apart" by Post Malone

Tell me you don't want me no more, but I can't let go.

18. "The History of Wrong Guys" from "Kinky Boots"

Another chapter in the history of wrong guys. You used to be so "eh," a limp lackluster bore, but now you're changing into something I just can't ignore.

19. "When He Sees Me" from "Waitress"

I can't help from hoping to find someone to talk to who likes the way I am. Someone who when he sees me, wants to again.

20. "Feelings" Hayley Kiyoko

I over-communicate and feel too much. I just complicate it when I say too much.

21. "New Rules" by Dua Lipa

My love, he makes me feel like nobody else. But my love, he doesn't love me.

22. "Jolene" by Dolly Parton

You could have your choice of men, but I could never love again. He's the only one for me, Jolene.

23. "No Tears Left to Cry" by Ariana Grande

Right now, I'm in a state of mind I wanna be in, like, all the time. Ain't got no tears left to cry.

24. "Happier" by Ed Sheeran

Ain't nobody hurt you like I hurt you, but ain't nobody love you like I do. Promise that I will not take it personal, baby if you're moving on with someone new.

25. "fOoL fOr YoU" by ZAYN

Given a chance I'd do it again, 'cause I can't help myself, 'cause I can't stop myself. I just love being a fool for you.

26. "When I Look at You" by Miley Cyrus

When my world is falling apart, when there's no light to break up the dark, that's when I look at you.

27. "Hello" by Adele

At least I can say that I've tried to tell you I'm sorry for breaking your heart. But it don't matter, it clearly doesn't tear you apart anymore.

28. "Back to December" by Taylor Swift

It turns out freedom ain't nothing but missing you. Wishing I'd realized what I had when you were mine.

29. "Tim McGraw" by Taylor Swift

When you think happiness, I hope you think "that little black dress." Think of my head on your chest and my old faded blue jeans.

30. "Never Be the Same" by Camila Cabello

It's you, babe and I'm a sucker for the way that you move, babe. And I could try to run, but it would be useless.

* * *

No matter what stage you're in after a breakup, at least one of the songs on this list will help you get through the tough time. Remember, it hurts now, but everything happens for a reason!

Cover Image Credit: New Rules | Youtube

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