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Sometimes You Can't Juggle All Of Those Obligations, It's OK To Take The Time To Breathe

Keep trying, but always remember to take a break.


I am a member of the human race. Human beings have limits: emotional, mental, and especially physical limitations. I have oft been one who tried to ignore my limitations, but it is not the best habit to have. I like to pretend I do not need sleep, that one meal a day is sufficient, and if something hurts or does not feel right, just pushing through will deal efficiently with the problem. It is not true, and I am trying to do better.

On the topic of limits, we should all learn and acknowledge our own. Sometimes, we cannot juggle all the obligations we take on. It is okay to say "no" every once in a while. It is okay to take a break and focus on yourself. It is okay to be selfish sometimes and take care of your needs before you deal with others.

You do not always have to put up with other people's issues and the chips on their shoulders. You do deserve better. Maybe you are taking on too many classes. Maybe he, she, or they are not right for you. You do deserve the time to work on yourself without someone else factoring into your daily decisions.

Maybe they are your family, but you are growing into your own person and can make decisions and opinions that oppose theirs. Maybe you should stop cramming because you would benefit more taking that nap than getting those last few facts in and forgetting them anyways. Your body can only take so many Doritos. Eat an apple or banana, or whatever you are not allergic to.

There is something called drinking too much coffee. Sleep.

You do not have to deal with it on your own. Talk to someone you trust. Drop that person who hurts you. Watch that show on Netflix. Just do not binge watch the whole season in one go, please.

Take a walk. Open the window. Fold that shirt that has been hanging on the back of your chair for days. Drink more water. Cry a little if you feel like it. Read a book. It is okay if you cannot do 10 push-ups. Start with one and see where you go.

Keep trying, but always remember to take a break.

And if you hear something snap in your knee and your shins are splinting (like mine are), it is okay to miss a day or more of running. I am not going to regress. My body just needs time and patience, and I need to respect my limits. It is better to not run for a few days now than not being able to do so at all in the future.

If anything, I can still do some push-ups. Good luck on the rest of your finals, enjoy your summer, and remember to stretch!

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