Some people meet their best friends their sophomore year, some meet them their junior year, but I was lucky enough to meet my best friend my second semester of college.

Everyone has different categories: childhood best friend, best friend from home, summer camp best friend, etc. But college doesn't become real until you meet your college best friend. At least, it becomes a lot more fun when you do.

I think I knew we were best friends when I could text her, "Where are you?" instead of, "Are you free?" or just take a bite of her food without asking. Life is so much better now!

You have to have friends in college that are like your bread and butter. Who else can you watch sappy chick flicks with during finals without having to hear complaints?

I thank my sorority. All thanks to my sorority, I met a lot of close friends. I met my sisters. One sister in particular, who I will always be friends with. I think it was when she came to my house back home for the day that I knew. My family was playing the game, "Trouble," and when asked to play she replied, "Sure!" I mean, we were already best friends, but that was on another level.

Having a sidekick is the coolest thing ever. You don't ever have to struggle to make conversation when talking to them. Everything comes so naturally. I need my best friend. I honestly don't know what I would do without her. Who else would I go out to sketchy parties in Norfolk with?

She supports me through everything. My career, my hobbies, my love life. She even came to the university's annual poetry slam (along with a couple other sisters, shouts-out to ya'll!!) to support me and my poetry. I mean, I know this article sounds a little #lesbihonest, but it's just because I love her that much!!!

I think that the inside jokes are the best part. I can't even imagine how my first semester at my new school would have gone if I didn't meet her. Ashley, thanks for being the best college best friend ever. We've gotten so close in such a short period of time and I'm so lucky to have met you! Don't know what I would do without you!