Why Your College Best Friend Is Your Lifelong Best Friend
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Why Your College Best Friend Is Your Lifelong Best Friend

Surviving college is a lot easier with them by your side.

Why Your College Best Friend Is Your Lifelong Best Friend

Going away to live at college is a wonderful thing. Most college students go away to college in order to pursue their individual goals and to eventually become successful. However you want to define success is up to you. Here at your home away from home, you are bound to run into a wide variety of people. One of these people just so happens to be your best friend. A college best friend is slightly different than the best friends you have had throughout high school. Your college bestie is here for life no matter what.

After spending months apart, some things are bound to change between you and your high school pals. Although it may be hard to admit, it is true. Even the small stuff for example maybe how they dress or wear their hair. Sometimes it’s more noticeable, whether it’s certain terminology that you have never heard before or a complete personality change. A lot can happen during that first semester away, good and bad. This is one reason why your college best friend is your friend for life. You meet your college best friend and accept them for who they are, you never notice a change because the two of you will have the opportunity to grow together.

Since you get to spend as much time as you want together for about seven months out of the year, you get incredibly close very fast. You get to experience this new chapter of your life with your newest edition. Both the ups and the downs. Your newest bestie is the one who is there through it all. They are the person who will now have your back 24/7 while away at school. They never leave your side and will motivate you when you’re down to the best you that you can be! That boy or girl just broke your heart? They will be the person handing you the tissues and telling you everything will be alright. Your college best friend will love you like no other because they also understand what it’s like to leave your entire life behind to start fresh at college.

Most importantly, your college best friend is looking to move forward with their life just as you are. You are both ready to start your adult-life and to maybe even become more mature. They will inspire you to focus and achieve. You don’t want to conquer any of life’s events without them by your side every step of the way. Your high school best friends will always have a special place in your heart, as you will in theirs. As people grow apart and others grow together, you will always be able to depend on your college best friend when you really need someone. Whether you’re right next to each other or 1,000 miles apart, they will always offer you a shoulder to lean on.

The two of you may not have all the same interests or the same upbringing, but your two different personalities are part of what makes your bond so strong. They may have experienced something before you did and can offer you their wise advice when the time arises. You both bring so much to the table and at times balance each other out. You can tackle anything life throws at you with your bestie.

I love my best friend, you know who you are.

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