Kneeling During the National Anthem Is Actually Fine
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Kneeling During the National Anthem Is Actually Fine

Seriously, it's not a disrespect towards veterans.

Kneeling During the National Anthem Is Actually Fine
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Yet another thing that is starting to become a really big deal for no reason. I can't look at any posts about any NFL anything without 6 out of 10 people freaking out about someone sitting down or kneeling during the national anthem. Why is this an issue? Well, let's take a look at this a little closer.

For some reason, most people seem to attribute taking a knee during the national anthem as a blatant disrespect for America and its veterans, or a literal hate of America. Honestly, I don't know why they come to that conclusion, as there would be a lot more obvious ways to establish that kind of feeling other than kneeling during a song. So let me explain what's really happening.

Players are kneeling during the national anthem in protest. *Gasp!* Things are not the greatest right now. We are in the biggest turmoil of things that we have been at any one time. Race and gender still play a part in everything. There are so many more racist people and people who want to judge you for your sexuality and beliefs when they literally don't affect anyone. People are hateful. Anyone who isn't white is hated by someone. Anyone who isn't white has to look over their shoulder every day and wonder if they are safe. Anyone who isn't white has to wonder that even though this is America and they have rights just like anyone else, if they are just going to be ignored. Sure, some white people have that problem too. But honestly, if anything it's retribution for the way that our kind has treated people, today and in the past. And the players recognize that things are not okay right now. They are taking a knee, to show that they are not okay with what is happening, and to bring awareness to everyone watching that they think something is wrong. But, people take this as a sign of disrespect. Like everyone in America has to think that everything is absolutely perfect and that nothing has to change. People want to think that this means that these players don't care about veterans and those fighting for peace and freedom. But that's not what's happening and thinking that is the case is just closing your mind to what's really happening out there and not realizing things are wrong.

There was a guy this week on the Pittsburgh Steelers that while his team remained in the locker room during the national anthem, he came out and stood proudly. And that's cool. Does that sound contradictory? Well, it shouldn't, because we all have the right to stand (or kneel) for what we believe in. And we know that that guy was standing there showing support for the flag and veterans and not contradicting those who were not out there for the national anthem. Because he was standing for everything right and they were kneeling for everything that is wrong. Funny how that works.

So, I'm perfectly okay with what is happening right now. (Keep in mind that people kneeling were very few and far between before Trump called them out and said they should be fired for having an opinion.) People are noticing this happening but are ignoring the reason as to why it's happening and that right there is everything that is wrong with this country. We're blind to what the real problems are, and we are very far from a unified country right now.

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