Getting A Kitten Changed My Mood And Helped My Depression

Getting A Kitten Changed My Mood And Helped My Depression

As someone with depression, it is nice to know there are ways to help other than medication.


Let me just tell you, I was completely against getting a kitten. My animal preference was always a dog. I thought that all cats wanted to do was lounge around and not be bothered. But, as a college student living in a tiny apartment, there's only so much space. I live in an apartment complex with three other girls and that it's not pet-friendly.

Over time, with the stressors of work, school, and a relationship, I realized I was trying to control every aspect of my life. I was completely controlling my boyfriend, pushing everyone away, and trying to predict the future. I was a mess, in other words. I fell deeper into my illness that I was trying so hard to stay out of.

I decided to attempt to get an ESA Letter. Basically, it's an emotional support animal letter that you can use for travel or living with a psychologist's approval. At first, I was terrified to express myself, I wasn't ready to talk about my flaws and feelings, but in the end, it helped more than I could imagine. I was completely against resorting to medication. I wanted any alternative there was. We both agreed that this would be something different.

The emotional support animal for me was a way to take all my control and stress off these other areas of my life and completely dive into learning anything I could about kittens. What kitten would be a good match for me or, could I even handle it? Of course, this was a scary time for me, but it was filled with so much excitement.

Once I officially got my letter, I immediately went to a shelter and adopted my kitten, Kody. My life has been a whirlwind since. I went through a phase of anxiety, thinking I needed to get everything possible for her and wondering if she would even like it with me.

Within the first week, she was laying with me every night and we bonded. Kody forces me to get out of bed in the morning to feed her, forces me to spend time with her playing and petting. She's there to comfort me and is a great listener when I feel overwhelmed.

I highly suggest if you are depressed or filled with anxiety before you start to take medication -if you are okay with that, try an emotional support animal. Even if it's a fish. Something to distract yourself with. It could really change your life.

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