There seems to be this constant fault in society where adolescents and young adults believe they can treat their elders with a lack of respect and courtesy. I constantly question the point at which humans decided it was acceptable to speak with contempt and disregard toward those with higher power and seniority.

As parents, the most important thing to them is giving their children happiness. All too often though, that happiness is mistaken as solely giving their kids everything they desire, no matter how unnecessary.

As society continues to evolve, this streak of disrespect by those with less authority will only continue to worsen. Nowadays more than ever, this current generation of adolescents are so narcissistic that they cease to understand how easy they really have it at such a young age. As a young adult that has just barely reached two decades of age, I do feel as though my generation is selfish, entitled, and shallow. We are so young and we have experienced so little, yet our elders have accomplished so much and still no body seems to take the time to acknowledge their successes.

The youth population has been excessively rewarded for their entire life. A soccer season can’t be complete without participation trophies or medals. I used to be disappointed when I didn’t receive any sort of award or recognition because it meant that I wasn’t being acknowledged. Society has adapted to this norm, and as a result, children are being affected in ways that truly damage their entitlement.

Sometimes, elders aren’t elderly—just older. It is hard to watch as students disrespect professors and teacher’s assistants for no reason other than to impress their peers. I observe as teenagers hide behind computer screens and ridicule unknown acquaintances of all ages about opinionated topics. It seems as if this juvenile population has become so overconfident that they tend to believe that they are more insightful than those of older generations.

We should be learning from our elders. We should be gaining knowledge from their wisdom. We should be respecting their morals and values. I fear for the future of society as adolescents continue to treat elders with disdain. Respect is a virtue that is taken for granted far too often by individuals that disregard those of a higher power, rank, or age. Consider taking a second to encompass the wisdom that is handed on a platter by those that care for the wellbeing of that less-than-wholesome youth society.