Kelly Stamps and the Art of staying "Unbothered"
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Kelly Stamps and the Art of staying "Unbothered"

Ms. Stamps is a 24-year-old black woman "endearingly awkward" as she describes herself and truly one of the most authentic people I've seen on Youtube.

Kelly Stamps and the Art of staying "Unbothered"

I've undertaken a lot of new things during quarantine- cooking, reading (trying to), drawing for like two minutes, and also discovering new things via youtube. There are many sides to the youtube world but by far the most intriguing is whatever side you would put Kelly Stamps in. Ms. Stamps is a 24-year-old black woman "endearingly awkward" as she describes herself and truly one of the most authentic people I've seen on Youtube. Her goal is complete domination of youtube and I definitely feel that she's on her way- Kelly's approach to her videos is a very no-frills, cut right to the nitty-gritty type of style, almost as if she was breaking the fourth wall in her own life. Though she has the lifestyle of many youtube vloggers I've seen (minimalistic, lives in various cities, has a good amount of money it seems yet complains about being broke,) the way she talks about it is honest even if it seems a little boasty sometimes. She's proud of herself and knows her worth and that's the type of confidence that women have historically been told not to show in danger of appearing either fake and over-confident or just bitchy. She doesn't do this to put people down or be flaunty about it she does it because it's true to her and her life and she wants to share that with others.

Another aspect that I love seeing about Stamps, is her independence. She often takes trips alone, most recently moving to Boston for a break from the New York City "dusties". I am now finding my independence which is harder now than before since I'm primarily at home but all things considered, I feel like I'm heading in the direction of Stamps.

I do sometimes feel that Stamp's lifestyle is still a bit unconventional and does take into account not only her background of growing up in a upper middle class white suburb but also the fact that she could somehow afford living in various cities and making enough in order to keep up her minimalist lifestyle- it's a choice, not a need. I am inspired by her but also a bit intimidated because I haven't dropped out of college, I'm drowning in debt and though I live near NYC, there's no way I can afford moving there on my own. I am very fond of tiramisu and sushi but those are luxuries for me. She doesn't have an enormous amount of clothes (very minimalism 101), but what she does have is from Reformation mostly- a brand I've never heard of because they tend to be kind of pricey. Maybe it's a bit of jealousy that she is able to do these things so freely and boldly and confidently as well, which speaks to our society a bit. We are constantly comparing our success to the success of others, when really we should look at others as inspiration, not competition. And I truly see Stamps as a huge source of inspiration for how I would want to be- in who I am becoming. But I'll get there in my own time, as she did. Maybe not at the age I am now or at her age but someday. Bottom-line is that she is showing her viewers, and eventually the world, that you can thrive even if you come from unfortunate circumstances that have made life difficult- the adversities build your strength. I would want everyone, especially black women like her, to know that. In a world where black women aren;t respected as much as they should- we continue to find ways to innovate and strive to thrive. Stamps does this by simply being herself and not what she is expected to be- and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

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