Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt has been signed by the Browns, yes let all the Browns jokes begin again. This has caused a roar of anger toward the NFL, but honestly, why are you surprised? The NFL has never been a business of caring about morals, they care about winning and making money. There are plenty of examples of guys like Kareem Hunt getting back into the league, so this isn't the first time the dirty part of the business has shown up.

Let me be completely honest with this opinion here, the Kansas City Chiefs did not take any moral high ground in cutting Hunt. The only reason Hunt was cut was because he lied about the extent of the incident. The Chiefs knew what about the altercation with this young woman at the hotel, but that did not stop the Chiefs from keeping him.

As soon as the video surfaced via TMZ, the Chiefs panicked and saw that Hunt lied to the team thus that trust that was initially established with Hunt was gone and so was he. If that video had never gotten out there, I will go out on a very small limb and say Hunt would have never gotten cut. The Chiefs are no better than everyone else, their morals are skewed to win at the end of the day.

This one really shouldn't surprise anyone, there are countless examples of guys like Hunt getting another shot. Ezekiel Elliott, Greg Hardy, Tyreek Hill, Dez Bryant, Josh Brown, the list goes on. These guys were kept by their respective teams due to the fact that they were able to still contribute to an NFL team.

As long as Hunt could still contribute to a team, which he could, seeing as he is only 23 years old and when he is playing is one of the best running backs in the league.

The sad part is those guys listed above went through the legal process. Take Hunt's former teammate Tyreek Hill, back when he was at West Alabama Hill plead guilty to domestic assault for strangling his then-pregnant girlfriend and was handed probation. Now, he was charged with a crime and the only real penalty he got was being the late-round draft pick.

Which again harps on my point about the Chiefs, if they had any morals why would they draft someone like Hill with that baggage? Because it is about winning people it always has been always will be.

Hunt went through the legal process and nothing happened. The woman didn't want to pursue charges, he was never arrested, and was never charged with a crime. I could argue that Hunt does deserve an NFL job just based on that through the legal process, he is innocent. There is no crime of assault on his record from that particular incident.

Now before you all start to crucify me for taking Hunt's side, I'm not on any one side. I'm merely telling you how the business of the NFL is. This is a business of wanting to win and that will above any sort of morals. Most teams could clearly care less about what happened with Hunt. Are there good teams out there that would never sign Hunt?

Yes, of course, there are. But, when it comes to wanting to be the best of the best, teams will push that to the side and give him a chance. In about 9 months from now when we are in the thick of the NFL season again people will cheer for him, buy his jersey, and sing his praises. Because some people are the same way, they want to see their team win.

The NFL is full of hypocrites and in the words of the late great Raiders owner Al Davis, which I am sure that is what the Browns were saying in the background. "Just win, baby."