Kanye West Is A Toxic Black Man And He Needs To Be Cancelled

Kanye West Is A Toxic Black Man And He Needs To Be Cancelled

Creativity and genius are not the same thing.


Recently the fake deep artist made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. It was his first televised appearance since he crashed TMZ back in back in May, and honestly, we could have done without it. The interview was bizarre, to say the least, and did nothing to combat claims that he's in the sunken place.

Of course, the first part of the interview was dedicated to him reminding us that no one believed in him at the start of his career. As he often does, he went on to say that after he graduated from art school, no one believed he could make music, and then after he became a producer no one wanted to hear him rap, and then after he became a rapper, no one cared about his ugly clothing designs...

Now, everyone loves a good "I came from nothing" story, except Kanye didn't come from "nothing." He grew up middle class and in the suburbs. He even spent part of his childhood living in China. So, his bit about no one believing in him is played out, and I am really going to need him to stop complaining. He had opportunities and good on him for using them. He is now a multimillionaire, and he has been for some time so I'm really not interested in his squabbling about garnishing support for his next big thing. He is clearly in the position to where he can do and say pretty much anything, and still sell out shows and shoes.

Jimmy then asked Kanye if he liked President Trump, and then if he thought President Trump was a good president. Kanye, of course, responded in his usual round-a-bout way, claiming that everyone around him tried to decide for him who he should vote for. He said because he was a black man out in Hollywood, people tried to force him to vote Democrat, and that he was told he couldn't say that he liked Trump out loud because it would ruin his career and ostracize him from the black community, of whom all think the same (except him of course.)

The problem is that not all black people are Democrats, and I have literally never heard anyone say we had to be. There is nothing wrong with being a black Independent or a black Republican. There is, however, something very wrong with a black person who willingly aligns themselves with white supremacy. Whether Kanye simply believes white people are better than black people, which is totally plausible (re: his wife) or if he just thinks to co-sign with "the man" makes him cool and an "individual," also plausible (re: everything else he does) shame on him.

Then he did some bit about, "leading with love," which is great and I'm sure most people would agree, except Trump doesn't lead with love. In fact, Trump does and says awful things quite often so that must mean your lies about leading with love in an attempt to excuse bigotry are simply school-boy antics for attention through controversy? But of course he then admitted to being a troll, stating, "I quite enjoy when people are mad at me," and then said it didn't matter if you were right or wrong, it was just important to put thoughts out there.

But the best part of the interview was when Kimmel asked Kanye the one question we all had. After Hurricane Katrina, West infamously stated: "George Bush doesn't care about Black people," in response to the former president's lax response to the suffering of New Orleanians after the storm. "If you thought George Bush didn't care about Black people, what makes you think that Trump does." And as suspected Kanye had no answer. He was stumped because even he doesn't know what the hell he is talking about either.

Kanye doesn't even know he's in trouble, son, and I can't say I feel even the least bit sorry for him. But let's see if I have the correct. He's not into politics or policies but is also holding onto a politicians MAGA hat tighter than a jar of strawberry jelly? You somehow feel that a politicians SLOGAN represents you being your authentic self, though you don't vote?

Kimmel went on to ask him if he had any regrets about things that he said, referring to West stating that slavery was a choice, to which Kanye responded that there was no point in looking at the past because history doesn't ever repeat itself and that he will still continue to objectify women, despite having a daughter, oh and that his favorite Pornhub category is "black on white."

Needless to say, I am done with Kanye West, and I have been for some time. Any man who will openly state that he has fantasized about fucking his own sister-in-laws, including the two barely legal ones young enough be his children, is a predator. And if you care about yourself, your community and black people, you'll be done with him as well.

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As A Victim Of Sexual Abuse, Painting '#MeToo' On A WWII Statue Is Taking The Movement TOO Far

There is a line you should never cross and that is it.


The famous picture of the sailor kissing a woman was taken right on V-J Day, when Japan surrendered to the U.S. in World War II. For decades it was seen as a representation of how excited and relieved everyone was at the end of the war.

The picture touched the hearts of thousands as you could feel the overwhelming amounts of joy that came from the snap of the camera. While the woman in the picture died back in 2016 due to a struggle with pneumonia, the sailor just recently died on Feb. 17, 2019 at the age of 95.

Most people saw it as both a heartbreak and heartwarming that the couple that was once photographed were now together.

Other people saw differently.

There is a statue made of the picture that resides in Sarasota, Florida. Police found early Tuesday morning of Feb. 19, two days after the sailor's death, that someone had spray-painted #MeToo on the statue's leg in bright red.

As a woman, I strongly encourage those who have been sexually assaulted/abused in any way shape or form, to voice themselves in the best way they can. To have the opportunity to voice what they went through without being afraid. As a woman who has also been a victim of sexual assault and has been quiet for many years...

This act of vandalism makes me sick.

While the woman that was kissed by the sailor was purely kissed on impulse, she had stated in an interview with 'The New York Times' that, "It wasn't a romantic event. It was just an event of 'thank God the war is over.'"

People were celebrating and, as a sailor, that man was so over the moon about the war being over that he found the nearest woman to celebrate with.

While I don't condone that situation, I understand both the reason behind it as well as the meaning behind the photo. I understand that, while it wasn't an intended kiss, it was a way of showcasing relief. To stick #MeToo on a statue of a representation of freedom is not the right way to bring awareness of sexual abuse.

It gives those the wrong idea of why the #MeToo movement was started. It started as a way for victims of sexual abuse to share their stories. To share with the world that they are not alone.

It helped me realize I wasn't alone.

But the movement, soon after it started, became a fad that turned wrong. People were using it in the wrong context and started using it negatively instead of as an outlet for women and men to share their horrific experiences of sexual assault.

That statue has been up for years. To wait until the sailor passed away was not only rude but entirely disrespectful. The family of that sailor is currently in mourning. On top of it, it's taking away from the meaning behind the photo/statue. World War II was one of the darkest, scariest events in — not just our American history — but the world's as well.

Sexual abuse is a touchy matter, I encourage everyone to stand up for what's right. But to vandalize a statue of one of the most relieving days in America's history is an act that was unnecessary and doesn't get the point of #MeToo across in the way it should. If anything, it's giving people a reason not to listen. To protest and bring attention to something, you want to gather the right attention.

This was not gathering the right attention.

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He’s Not My President, And I’m Sorry That He’s Yours

I refuse to acknowledge him as "my" president, he doesn't deserve it.


It's been about two years since Donald Trump has officially taken office and became your president. I say "your" because he is not my president and I refuse to acknowledge him as such. I refuse to associate this man with one of the most powerful titles because he does not uphold the standards of what it means to be president. Donald Trump is a failed businessman, WrestleMania participant, and T.V. personality, but he is no president.

In the past, we've elected leaders whose ideas and vision for this nation didn't align with mine, but Donald Trump is another kind of malevolence that I refuse to believe runs the United States of America. Go ahead, call me all the names in the book; snowflake, libtard, or whatever your petty, little heart desires—your president still incompetent and runs his platform based off of false hope, an abundance of lies, and a xenophobic agenda.

This man single-handedly fooled an entire group of people that the United States was going to build a wall at the southern-most border (as if there isn't already a wall there) to keep out "criminals" (undocumented immigrants fleeing their country in order to survive) and said Mexico was going to pay for it (which they never did and never will.) This entire plan was flawed from the beginning; it was founded upon hate and pure ignorance. I hate to break it to you, but this country was founded upon immigrants and that's never going to change.

Your president even had a temper tantrum and shut down the government for 35 days, he doesn't care about the citizens of this nation, and to be quite frank, he never did in the first place. He never will unless it benefits him in some way. We're talking about the same man who addresses woman like their objects, views minorities like criminals, opposition for the LGBTQ community, makes a mockery of disabled people, honestly, the list can go on and on. What makes you genuinely believe he cares about you?

President's Day was initially created to celebrate George Washington's Birthday but eventually was adapted to commemorate the presidency as a whole somewhere along the line. So this President's Day, as we reflect upon your President's legacy for what he's created thus far, I'm sorry. I'm not sorry he'll be remembered as one of the worst presidents to go down in history and I can't wait until this nightmare is over.

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