“I now want nothing to do with politics” –Kanye West

Kanye West. Someone we all know as a renown singer/rapper/songwriter and more recently, the creator of Yeezy's; in which are sold by buyer's and days later, sold for over four times their original worth. An artist whom crafted some of the most infamous songs to this day; these include "Gold Digger", "Heartless" and "All of the lights"; but what some might not know is that Kanye West more recently, has been diving head first into politics, showing his support towards the Trump administration, and everything MAGA.

Kanye has been seen representing MAGA hats with his everyday looks, tweeting back and forth with Donald Trump and even flying out to Washington D.C. to speak personally with the white house. Kanye West supporters and fans, stunned from this newly found interest of Kanye's, and some of his supporters have questioned his well being from the random shift in beliefs, West once held; knowing publicly that West does deal with mental illness as previously stated by his wife Kim Kardashian, and Kanye himself via social media.

While scrolling through my daily CNN.com binge, I scanned over an article that caught my eye; "Kanye West distancing himself from politics". Immediately intrigued by the title, I started investigating. While the article was short of words, it had a video clip attached that explained everything in great detail. CNN reporter, Chris Cuomo, began the video by a face shot of Kanye West. Cuomo then described how he thinks Kanye's choice of removing himself from the politics scene was a "good choice", and later brought in CNN reports D Lemon, for further questioning covering the story. Lemon brings up a point of how, he thinks Kanye needs to focus on his personal mental health, before considering politics into his day to day life/job.

Live Tweets from the rapper write, "@kanyewest: My eyes are now wide open and now realize I've been used to spread messages I don't believe in. I am distancing myself from politics and completely focusing on being creative !!!".

Another controversy after the other it seems for Kanye West, as he dug his way deeper and deeper into the Trump Administration "support group". Kanye West, like previously stated above, has been working hard on a clothing line, and a brand deal for Yeezy's with Adidas for a few years now. While his clothing and shoe line, are a huge success, it was posted online that Kanye had created a new fashion line, for Candace Owens, meaning to steer black Americans from the democratic party, to the conservative party, and not feeling "guilt" for their personal choice. This line is called "Blexit"...aka The Black Exit. West has publicly stated his support for this group, then revoked the statement saying in a tweet,

@Kanyewest: "I introduced Candace to the person who made the logo and they didn't want their name on is so she used mine. I never wanted any association with Blexit. I have nothing to do with it".

While we have no proof if West did or did not produce these Blexit t shirts, and merchandise, it is a time to be well aware of whom is in office, and for what reasons they have ran, and what their motives are.

Overall, America is in a scary, hateful and corrupt time. We have a conservative extremist in office, with a just as extremist, as his right hand man. Instead of bashing on Kanye for his huge past mistakes, regarding his presidential choice, we all have to support his forthcoming with his newly found revelation. I'm not in any way, saying what Donald Trump and Michael Pence are doing while in office, is anywhere near "okay" or "justified" …but we all need to learn how to take from both sides; for Trump to OPEN HIS EARS AND EYES TO WHAT AMERICA IS BECOMING. We are a country of fear…not hope. We are a country of picking sides…not sticking together. We are a country of oppression, degradation and lack of respect. Kanye West is making revelations…do we believe his change? Or is it just more for a publicity stunt?

cover photo: https://twitter.com/kanyewest

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