Just Call On A Sister
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Just Call On A Sister

They'll give you a hand!

Just Call On A Sister
Niesha Radovanic

During my freshman year at FGCU, I struggled meeting friends. I was constantly meeting new people but not people that I saw as friends. I was in search of a group of people that could support me in my endeavors and I could support them with theirs.

At this time I was living in freshman housing known as SoVi and living with a great roommate. My roommate was involved in Greek Life and suggested that I should go through Primary Recruitment in my sophomore year. I never saw myself in a sorority but I did love the idea of philanthropy. To be a part of something bigger than myself.

I began to meet amazing girls through my roommate and came to the consensus that I wanted to go through the recruitment process. As summer rolled around, registration for recruitment opened. This was my chance, to register for an important process where I could find my home.

A week before fall classes started I was lucky enough to go through recruitment. I got the opportunity to meet a plethora of encouraging women. During my recruitment journey, I was told to "trust the process." I put all of my faith into those simple words and I am forever grateful that I did.

After, multiple long days of interacting with the different sororities the big day was coming...BID DAY!

I ran home to my Phi Mu family at FGCU. I knew in my soul that this sorority was the perfect place for me. I am now a part of a remarkable sisterhood filled with inspiring women. Being a part of Phi Mu has increased my confidence immensely. I never have to second guess my worth in this world thanks to my astonishing sisters who never fail to lift me up. I have had the opportunity to engage with incredible leaders who have aided my leadership skills. This sisterhood is a forever bond. A forever home. Without it, I would still be walking around campus shy and anxious but now I have sisters left and right who always say hello or ask how my day is going. This may seem like no big deal to many but to me this makes me feel appreciated. When someone takes the time out to notice you and show you kindness, that is something we should all be grateful for. If I ever find myself down I know I can call on a sister and they will be there in a matter of moments radiating their loving energy.

Not only has this sisterhood given me a forever bond but this sorority has given me the opportunity to make a change. As a child, I remember being asked what I wanted to do when I grew up. I always answered with "I want to change the world." And here I am doing it! I get to be a part of many events where we spread awareness and raise money for Children's Miracle Network. As well as support other members of Greek Life on campus with their philanthropies. This sisterhood has allowed me to change the world and I am forever grateful.

If you are thinking of joining Greek Life I highly encourage you to! There are so many opportunities for growth and we all deserve to bloom.

I will always hold my sisters in my heart as we radiate love around the world.

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